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Hammer Authority brings students together in spirit

September 12, 2017

“Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke!” The crowd sways from left to right, following movement of a dark swaying hammer. The hammer swings back and the audience rises to its feet in cheers.

Bloomfield Hills High School has a new Hammer Authority team this year, and as a result of Homecoming week, members are enthusiastic to foster school spirit for the year.

Senior Caroline Allen said of the group’s goal in these first few weeks of school, “Hammer authority is special to BHHS as a way to help instill school spirit in the student body. This homecoming [week] is a big deal for hammer authority to help generate a cohesive, fun attitude leading up to the homecoming football game and dance.” Hammer Authority is a team of seniors that leads cheers and chants at sports games and pep assemblies throughout the year.

Allen added how the homecoming date influenced Hammer Authority’s approach.

“Especially because homecoming is on the second week of school this year, our energy at the Black Hawk games, Pep Assembly, and the Football helps set the tone for the rest of the school year,” she said. ”

In addition to keeping the school spirit running on high throughout the year, each student on Hammer wants to bring their own special quality to the team.

“My goal is to create a fun and exciting environment for everyone, so we all have a good time,” said senior Thomas Watts, another member of the Hammer Authority. “I want everyone to remember we [Hammer Authority] were there for a good time, we were loud, we had fun, I want people to feel like they could let [out] some screams.”

Hammer member and senior Tommy Paulson reflected on his experience with Hammer in high school and the nostalgia he felt.

“All of us wanna have fun and just enjoy our time. It’s our last homecoming game. When it started 4 years ago, it was the tradition that Andover and Lahser had before this, and when it combined it just [became] a lot of fun.”

“There are so many students involved with making homecoming special for not only our current student body but for our supportive alumni community. Student Leadership, the band, Poms team, and cheerleaders play such an important role in helping to provide positive spirit for homecoming. I love being in the stands helping to promote school spirit any way I can,” said Allen.

For a video on Hammer Authority moving the crowd, click on the linked video.

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