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BHHS hosts its first ever Multilingual Model UN Conference

    On Saturday, February 3rd, the Bloomfield Hills High School Model UN team hosted the first ever multilingual model UN conference.  The event featured students from many different model UN teams across the state.  The conference was notable mainly because each debate hosted at the conference was spoken in a language other than English.  Because of this, several important people attended the event including Superintendent Rob Glass, State Senator Mike McCready, and Michigan Department of Education Representative Dr. LaWanna Shelton.

    The students that participated debated over many topics including Combating Terror in the Middle East, Access to Clean Water, Drug Trafficking in South America, the European Refugee Crisis, Immigration between Africa and Italy, Proliferation of Submachines in Asia, and the Digital Divide and Internet Access.  

    “It was a real thrill.  Several of our World Language teachers came by as well and were very proud,” said Matt MacLeod, the coach of our model UN team.  MacLeod has been coaching the team for 14 years.

     “The team – and everyone in the conference – performed well. People were putting real effort in, which made it a lot more fun than if they weren’t,” said Junior Brady Crimmins, a participant in the Spanish speaking conference.  Crimmins has been participating in Model UN since his freshman year.  “This was an uncompetitive conference, with delegates working only to have fun and practice rather than win awards or “beat” the other delegates. In addition to the foreign language focus, this meant the conference had a very unique atmosphere,” said Crimmins.

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