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Happy vs Meaningful

I’m Noah Streng with a WBFH editorial.

In the article “There’s More to Life Than Being Happy” a Gallup poll is referenced that suggests Americans are very interested in “happiness,” citing 60% of Americans polled identifying as happy but only 40% identifying as having a satisfying life purpose. With this in mind, I feel as though “happy” may be confused with having access to material goods and having a “successful” life insinuates wealth. If offered the choice between a happy life and a meaningful one, I would argue that you cannot truly have one without the other. According to the ideas of neurologist Viktor Frankl, those that think they are happy but have not found meaningfulness in their life aren’t really happy. Logotherapy suggests that applying meaningful connection to your situation is a choice and can be found in any profession or way of life. Once you find meaning, happiness will come with it.

The views expressed are not necessarily those of WBFH, its management, staff, or the Bloomfield Hills school district. I’m Noah Streng and you’re listening to 88.1.

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