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Fleece & Thank You brings community together

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Fleece & Thank You brings community together

When the Student Council teams up with the National Honors Society, you know you can only expect the best.


Last week, I had an amazing time creating fleece blankets with my friends during the Fleece and Thank You event. Fleece and Thank You is a nonprofit organization that encourages people to donate their time to making fleece blankets to give to children with illnesses in the hospital. Along with blanket making, the organization provides a way for the creators of the blankets to get in touch with the receiver of the blanket if they so choose to. The makers can record a video message of encouragement and comfort for the individual who receives the blanket, and the receivers can respond to the video with another video of their own.


The event at BHHS took place during advisory in the main commons. I worked in a group with five other people in order to create two blankets and two video messages to send to children in the hospital. As of May 6th, the organization has already created 31,115 blankets that are ready to donate. At BHHS, our goal was to create 50 more blankets to add onto this number.


What we had to do was lay two pieces of fleece on top of each other and then cut the fleeces to make sure they lined up. Next, we had to cut little slips around the edge and double knot the two fleece sheets together in order to make a blanket. My group had a great time socializing while working together for a great cause.


Maddy Wise, a junior who attended the event, said, “It was really fun and it didn’t feel like community service. I really liked how we were allowed to record a personal message to give to the receiver of the blanket because it was more meaningful. I can’t wait to do this again next month.”


Personally, I think that donating your time to an organization like this is beneficial for both the person you are helping and yourself. Everyone needs community service, so why not have fun with your friends while supporting a fantastic cause? If you did not get a chance to participate in this event, there will be another one next month where they will again aim to create 50 blankets.


For more information about the Fleece and Thank You organization you can visit their website:


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Fleece & Thank You brings community together