AirPods: Wireless Bluetooth earbuds released by Apple in December 2016 (Apple)
AirPods: Wireless Bluetooth earbuds released by Apple in December 2016


AirPods: Pros

Earbuds: tangled cords, poor sound quality, and no freedom to move. Now, there is a way to solve these problems and the solution is, AirPods. Airpods are the wireless works sweeping stores throughout the nation.


Apple has released with a new, more efficient way of listening to your music. No need to stress over the hassle of untangling cords, allowing the user to not waste their time and have the freedom of not having wires containing them to their phone. AirPods have a bluetooth rate of 10 meters, or 33 feet. Providing the user with the ability to move freely throughout their day and not have to worry about bringing their phone with them.


With a simple tap of a finger AirPods allow the user to reach Siri. This is a very efficient technology. It saves time because a double tap of the AirPod is substantially faster than pulling your cell phone to command Siri. Little details like this help enhance the efficiency and  desirability of AirPods compared to other headphones.


This unique addition to Apple technology also has a charging box addition, making it easy to keep them charged and ready for use by simply charging the airpods case to charge the wireless headphones through their case.


Airpods can provide the user with up to 5 hours of listening and 2 hours of talking in 1 day. With multiple charges to your case the AirPods can provide 24 hours of listening and 11 hours of talking.


Plus, airpods have a charging light, which inform the user the rate of the charge without having to look at their phone. However, you can also check your phone which will tell you the exact percentage.


AirPods were the gift to give over the holidays. With 26% sales, Apple showcased their product during post AirPod launch. If you are sick of being forced to be attached to your phone, annoyed with unknitting the cord, and done with not being able to hear your content, then AirPods are right for you. AirPods are reliable, function easy, and will last.


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AirPods: Cons

It seems that after winter break and numerous gift-giving holidays, everyone has AirPods. However, for school, it has dangerous repercussions for learning and focus in class. There are many negative things about AirPods, more than positive.


AirPods can be seen in many students’ ears during class, which prevents them from focusing. Although even before AirPods students were constantly listening to music with earbuds, the issue has become much worse. This is because students are now capable to easily hide the AirPods under hair or sweatshirts.


The little speakers are also detrimental because the teachers are not able to stop the students from listening. Before, when teachers could see the headphones they could stop it, but now that the strings aren’t attached, the teachers can not end it. Because of this, students grades will suffer because they can not pay attention while blasting their favorite songs, and listening to Netflix.


AirPods are also bad because you can not use them and also use regular earbuds at the same time. Meaning that even though there is a headphone jack available it does not work while using AirPods. Meaning, you are only able to use one set of earbuds at once. This is a disappointment because if 2 sets of headphones could listen to the same thing that would add a great feature for people to share and watch the same thing with each other.


Finally, AirPods can not hold up to the high pedestal they are put on because of the outrageous price of them. While most earbuds can cost anywhere from 1 dollar to 100, AirPods are pricier than all. Costing 159 dollars before tax! This is a ridiculous price for bluetooth headphones. Even though they are Apple brand, and all Apple products are overpriced, these are especially expensive. Since this is true, it makes AirPods less available for most people trying to make them a luxury item when they should be able to be bought by everyone.


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