Say YES to Yes Day


The Netflix Original Yes Day, based on the best selling children’s book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and starring Jennifer Garner, is a great addition to the Netflix family. After premiering March 5, the netflix original received positive remarks for its funny, creative, and engaging storyline. Taking place around the unique dynamic of the Torres Family, Yes Day has many ups and downs and twists and turns, keeping viewers on their toes. 

   In Yes Day, Allison Torres, played by Jennifer Garner, is your quintessential “bad cop” mom. Disciplining her children, making sure they do their homework and eat their vegetables, are just some of the many jobs she has around the house. With 3 children, 15 year old Katie (played by Jenna Ortega), 12 year old Nando, and 8 year old Ellie, Allison Torres is swarmed with the ups and downs of parenting while her husband Carlos Torres, played by Edgar Ramírez, gets to be the fun parent. During the beginning of the movie, Allison and her oldest daughter Katie get into an argument over whether or not Katie can attend a concert with her friends without adult supervision. While in the heat of the moment, Katie claims that her mother does not have a fun bone in her body. Despite their belief, Allison Torres was once fun and adventurous, and in order to prove herself as a fun and cool mom she creates a proposal. If all 3 kids don’t get into trouble, do their chores and keep their grades up, they can have a very cool, very exciting YES DAY! In disbelief, Katie claims there is no way that her mom could make it through a whole YES day without breaking the rules. Therefore she makes a deal that if she doesn’t make it through the whole day, she can go to the concert. 

   After showing good behavior, grades, and doing their chores, all 3 children manage to earn a YES day. After creating a plan for the day, the Torres family ventures off on their crazy adventure going all over town while completing their list. Through all the crazy activities and rollercoaster of a day (literally) the family bonds with each other as they persevere through every obstacle thrown their way.

   The Netflix portrayal of the book Yes Day truly brings its captivating plot to life. Filled with adoring characters, funny dialogue, and adventurous action, Yes Day displays the perfect combination of funny comedy combined with relatable family dynamics. Yes Day is a perfect movie to watch on a friday night with family and friends. Grab some popcorn and a blanket because this movie is one for the books. Check it out on Netflix today!