New Rising Star Format


With the recent disinterest in the rising stars game, the NBA commissioner – Adam Silver – proposed a new format. In the hope of revamping all-star weekend and intriguing new fans to support the up-and-coming NBA Stars.

The original format was one exhibition game during the all-star weekend. A total of twenty players, consisting of ten rookies and ten sophomores, would play one game, the winning team would receive a team award, and the best performing player would receive an MVP trophy. The change Adam Silver has made had four teams competing in a tournament. Each team would play two games, and the winners of the games would move on to the finals, where one player would receive the MVP trophy and the rest of the team would receive an award. There will be twelve rookies, twelve sophomores, and four prospects – ignite team players. The teams are randomly selected with one exception there will be one prospect per team. 

This format will allow the game to be more competitive and more intriguing to watch.

Do you approve of the new all-star rising stars game?


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