An ode to my desk

A central part of a room: a desk. 

   Whether you are fortunate enough to have a fancy desk, a small desk. A clean desk. A cluttered one. 

   For me, someone would definitely categorize mine as chronically cluttered, it falls under the category of cluttered, really cluttered. Full of mementos from my friends, school work, books, and toys. My desk is the essence of me. 

   Over the years, my desk has transformed from a “cute place to maybe work” to a place to do my math homework, to my online school central. During online school, I opted to sit at my desk for math class and maybe when I was feeling up to getting out of my bed. 

   Of course, she holds basic office supplies like Post-it notes, colorful paper pens, scissors, and a stapler. But is it also a surface full of important college mail, notes from class, toys, and chipped paint. She carries a load. 

   My desk is next to my door, where I can hear my dog’s clunky feet padding around the hallway. Woosh! My door cracks open (or fully opens) and my dog takes a look at me and either chooses to lay down or just walk out. Rolling my eyes, I begrudgingly get up and close it.      

   Returning to my desk, I feel restless after pouring over math or English homework. My desk is a place where no one judges me, from sobs to smiles she’s seen it all.

   The corner of my room doesn’t only harbor my desk, when I look to my left. I see my somewhat color coordinated bookshelf, where some of my literary heroes watch me and give me a thumbs up. From Clint Smith to Toni Morrison, my book heroes watch over me. I love the reminder of where all my hard work will take me. 

   My desk gives me a peace of mind (and a place to set down all my miscellaneous knickknacks), a place to center myself. A place to find my own voice, muse, a place to cry when everything gets to be too much. My desk, she bears the weight of everything and I am glad to have something to see me through my victories, schooling, and some of the best and worst times in my school career so far.