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Sophia Washer, Co-Student Content Manager

December 1, 2017

*Scuffling in hallways, lockers closing and opening* Emma: “Hey, hey Shorty, come here” “Look at you nerd. Why don’t you go cry to mommy, we know you love her so.” Sophia: “Oops did you drop your books? Again?” *hits books on the floor* Emma: “Let’s get 'em.” Sophia: “Let’s...

Fake News

Fake News

Jenny She, Feature Editor

November 14, 2017

Hammer Authority brings students together in spirit

Lara Janosz, News Editor

September 13, 2017

“Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke!” The crowd sways from left to right, following movement of a dark swaying hammer. The hammer swings back and the audience rises to its feet in cheers. Bloomfield Hills High School has a new Hammer Authority team this year, and as a result of Homecoming week, members...

Homecoming 2017

Jessica Kim, Editor in Chief

September 12, 2017

Five days of 1700 students uniting to show school spirit, while feuds among classes reign strong in an effort to emerge as the best year of the school. Shown through costumes throughout the week, winners among the famous Black Hawk games, and commitment to spirit even during school events, Homecoming...

Food allergies pose a growing danger to students

Food allergies pose a growing danger to students

Julia Eisenshtadt, Managing Editor

February 8, 2017

She felt her throat begin to close. “I couldn’t breathe. I was wheezing,” said senior Rachel Hirsch, who discovered her peanut allergy during a reaction that came out of the blue just last year. Allergic reactions, like the one experienced by Hirsch, are becoming more and more common, acco...

District debating implementing weighted GPA system

As college admissions have become increasingly more competitive, students have had problems related to

balancing their GPA. Photo from Tribune Content Agency.

Julia Eisenshtadt, Managing Editor

March 25, 2016

According to Director of Learning Services Christine DiPilato, BHHS district’s administration is considering implementing a weighted GPA scale for students in order to maximize academic and collegiate opportunities. “Last year we had a task force on grading in the district,” said DiPilato, who ...

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