Addressing Hate Speech

December 18, 2018

Several weeks ago, we, along with fellow members of our community, were informed of an incident of anti-Semitic hate speech stemming from a student and potentially having the power to cause great harm.


As our principal wrote in a message, “…it was brought to our attention that anti-Semitic hate speech was used by a BHHS 9th grade student and captured on video. This behavior is deplorable and we denounce it. A full investigation is underway and we are working quickly to ensure those harmed by the hate speech receive the support they need.”


And although few specific details concerning this act have been made public, it is clear that the magnitude of this matter, whatever it encompasses, has reminded us that our school is in no way immune to the sweeping hate afflicting a myriad of races, religions, and cultures that our world has fallen victim to.


As members of The Hawkeye and students at Bloomfield Hills High School, we wholeheartedly condemn this hate speech and advocate for a future when these types of acts are nonexistent in our school community and greater society.


Any time one turns on the news, participates in conversations on social media, or even simply speaks with friends, the omnipresence of hate is obvious. Whether it be hatred of somebody’s beliefs, culture, background, or any other characteristic, any form of hate is entirely intolerable and cannot be accepted on any grounds.


We can no longer stand on the sidelines as hatred constantly takes place as far away as the other side of the world and as close as the hallways of our school. We commend administration for illuminating this issue, and now is the time to do more.


Hate has absolutely no place in our world, and we can do something about it. We have a voice, and we can create a culture of respect that thrives on accepting all.

Ultimately, we must advocate for change, and we must collectively make a difference.

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