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Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Ruby Stoller, Editor-In-Chief September 27, 2022

The greater Bloomfield community is home to a plethora of opportunities for high school students. It can definitely be overwhelming to consider all of the options available, but getting involved in something...

Pushing through AP US History

Pushing through AP US History

Ava Farah, Staff Writer September 20, 2022

The first day I walked into AP United States History I sat down with a bunch of kids I didn’t know and nervously awaited the arrival of my teachers. What if the work was way too much for me and I flunked...

The bottled water pyramid

Ranked: The best bottled water

Ruby Stoller and Abby Chayet April 8, 2022

As avid water drinkers, we consider ourselves to be bottled water connoisseurs. You may be curious what qualifications we have to rank water. To that we say, unlike others, we have very refined palates...

An ode to my desk

An ode to my desk

Maddy Moss, Senior Columnist March 25, 2022

A central part of a room: a desk.     Whether you are fortunate enough to have a fancy desk, a small desk. A clean desk. A cluttered one.     For me, someone would definitely categorize mine...

Spring breaking in Marco Island

Annalise Griffin, Staff Writer March 24, 2022

Florida is a very popular destination for spring break and there are many good reasons for it. Specifically Marco Island, Florida, there are many great restaurants, shops, and activities around the beach....

More than just a free skate

More than just a free skate

Callisto Martinez, Copy Editor March 23, 2022

Growing up Mexican American, positive representation was rare for me.    The people who shared my heritage were all too often represented as marijuana dealers, burn-outs, people taking drugs across...

Callisto Martinez demonstrates the importance of spring cleaning.

April showers bring clean rooms

Maddy Moss, Senior Columnist March 22, 2022

Every year, as soon as the temperature hits 50º, it seems like there’s something in the air that makes everyone want to deep clean every crevice of their home.     Maybe it’s the extra hour...

Self Care

Self Care

Anna Bickersteth, Staff Writer March 7, 2022

In today’s society, simply being a teenager causes a lot of stress. Teens are expected to be their best selves in school, extracurriculars, jobs, and family responsibilities. We work ourselves to exhaustion...

Lebanon is Me

Ava Farah, Staff Writer February 18, 2022

All my life I have struggled with my identity. Growing up Lebanese I always hated a part of myself. Being a young Arabic girl left me with features which were widely considered undesirable, since I was...

Working Through the Pandemic

Fiona Rudy, Staff Writer February 2, 2022

I didn't even have to apply for a job, all I had to do was walk in. Open interviews, mid- August, 2021, I had turned 15 not even two weeks prior. I don't remember what I wore, just that it was nice, nice...

Looking ahead

Ruby Stoller, Section Editor December 20, 2021

As a teen in 2021, I have had a unique opportunity to observe some of the most monumental events in the course of American history. As teens, we have seen some of the most hateful behavior amplified through...

The importance of working together

Tyler Richmond, Staff Writer December 15, 2021

To say the least, the last few months of school have been… hectic. From the instances of racism, to the protests in response to said racism, to the tragedy at Oxford, to the pandemic everyone seems to...

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