Marlee Sacksner

Marlee Sacksner

Roommates: good or bad?

My built-in-best-friend. My twin sister. My womb-mate. My forever roommate. My whole life I have shared a room (originally by force but now by choice) with my twin sister. I have grown accustomed to the nature of sharing everything, compromising a lot, and having a messy room (thanks Jillian).

   When it comes to sharing a room I find there is a certain comfort provided, knowing someone else is present and looking out for you. Also, I am a person who hates to be alone, who is very chatty at night, and is a total night owl. So, having someone to talk with at night and who can stay up far beyond an appropriate bedtime is a big plus. 

   But, living with someone means putting up with them constantly and all their weird quirks. Being roommates means being there for your roomie and not getting hung up on small arguments.

   After 18 years of sharing a room I can promise you that you will become extremely close with the person you live with. I can almost predict Jillian’s every move and word. It becomes comical how well you can know someone. However, with a roommate comes less privacy and more sharing. You have to create a comfortable and welcoming environment. 

   Another human being gets to know basically everything about you. How you get ready in the morning, what time you wake up, who you call, when you eat, and all your weird customs. Now this may sound a bit scary and creepy but I can assure you that it is actually something that allows real friendships and relationships to form.

   If I never shared a room I think I would be a completely different person. Sharing a room has always been a part of my lifestyle and I am glad, for at least next year, it will continue to be with my twin sister. Taking on this next step in my life, going to college, is a big deal and having someone I can truly trust by my side along the way is the biggest comfort and reassurance.



About Marlee:

Years on Hawkeye staff: 3

Plans for Next Year: Attending the University of Michigan

Favorite Hawkeye article: “Signing Off”

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