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Lizzy Wilburn

A lesson in self expression

High school hits you with a weird contradiction: you must fit in, but it is also cool to stand out. In my underclassman years, I felt like I had to carefully tow the line between trying not to draw too much attention to myself, but also making sure I never looked “basic.” Even when I would dress in my best outfits, I felt like I was holding back. But if I could give any advice to my fellow high schoolers, it would be this: risks pay off, especially in the fashion department. I began experimenting with my style after acquiring a taste for old rock music in my junior year, and what followed was a complete love for 60s and 70s culture. I wanted to recreate their looks, but I constantly felt like I did not measure up: I did not have the right body or face, and I certainly did not want to be viewed as odd amongst my peers. But I wish I had just tried, because I would have been so much happier. Even if you do not have enough of a certain style to build a full “aesthetic”, that is okay; it took me a long time to acquire enough clothing to constantly look like a 60s throwback. The truth is: people will appreciate whatever interesting flair you bring to your style. And I get many more compliments; not just because my style is groovy, but because I now have the confidence to bring positive energy wherever I go. Building up a style that is unique to you regardless of whatever anyone else is wearing will certainly gain you respect, but even better than that, it will give you an unmatched sense of self love.


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Years on Hawkeye staff: 1

Plans for Next Year: I am attending The New School in Manhattan for liberal arts

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