Pro/Con: Should the day after the Super Bowl be considered a school and work holiday?

February 1, 2023

Pro: A much-needed day off

Just last year at the 2022 Super Bowl, it was reported that over 99 million viewers were streaming the game. It’s a safe assumption to say that a good amount of those viewers came from a demographic of students.

Whether those students are in middle school, high school, or college, they all have one thing in common: school after Super Bowl Sunday. Why wouldn’t schools anticipate the low attendance and low quality of work being done by just calling school that day to benefit everyone?

Not only are students watching the Super Bowl, but teachers and staff are also engaging in the over four-hour event. To add on to that, the Super Bowl isn’t just like any 60 minute football game. There is the event of tailgating that includes family and friends gathering hours before the game even starts. Not to mention the halftime show, an impressive 30 minute spectacle that is a must-see for all watchers. Considering the fact that the entire Sunday is dedicated to the Super Bowl with preparations, gatherings, cheering, and engaging in everything that the big game offers, there is limited time for students to be completing homework and studying. Schools should be taking all of this into consideration when making 7am and early classes mandatory for both students and teachers. The Super Bowl should be an enjoyable event, and the millions of watchers tuning in and participating should be not  punished the next morning with school. 

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Con: An unreasonable ask

 Although the Super Bowl is watched throughout the country, having school off the next day is not necessary. Schools have a required amount of school days, and getting a day off because of the Super Bowl would mean taking a day off from another break such as spring break or winter break. 

   We have breaks from school due to national holidays and the Super Bowl has never been considered a national holiday. The Super Bowl is simply a football game that lasts a few hours. 

   Along with many other friends and family, I enjoy watching the Super Bowl, and have hosted parties to watch it. Even as a host, I do not stay up late enough to need a day off from school. The Super Bowl starts and ends at a reasonable time like 11pm. The game takes up about four hours of the whole weekend. 

   Most teachers are aware of the celebration that takes place on the day of the Super Bowl, so they are less likely to give homework for the weekend. Even though this is usually the case, if students do have homework, they can plan to finish it before their Super Bowl plans, just like they would manage for any other weekend plans. 

   Having a day off after the Super Bowl is simply not reasonable, especially for a celebration that is not an official holiday. 

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