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Junior Wins Stir Fry Pass

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Junior Wins Stir Fry Pass

The winner of the Stir Fry Line Pass, provided by the Junior Class’ Student Leadership, was announced on December 18. Junior Jonah Stone was the winner of the raffle.


“I was not expecting to hear my name at all. I was very happy when I won,” said Stone. “I think that the best part of winning is the fact that I didn’t pay for my ticket; the school liaison bought it for me!”


Officer Dave Vankerckhove did in fact pay for the winning ticket and put someone else’s name on the ballot. If Officer Vankerckhove decided to put his own name on the ticket, it would have been the second raffle he would have won in less than a month. The first raffle he won was the Yeezy raffle that was held by the Senior Class’ Student Leadership. Stone has received his prize, and plans to put it to use on during the next stir fry lunch.

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