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Best Christmas/Holiday Music

Best Christmas/Holiday Music

Grace Main and Ava Farah, Digital Content Manager and Staff Writer December 22, 2022

We all know that “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear,” but what songs will you be singing this holiday season? A poll was sent out among the BHHS students to compile...

Meet me at Midnight

Meet me at Midnight

Alexa Kessler, Editor in Chief October 11, 2022

Taylor Swift’s Video Music Awards acceptance speech for “Video of the Year” for “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)” was more than a simple thank you to the fans. While her...

Ed Sheeran’s new album: =

Ed Sheeran’s new album: =

Jordyn Tepper, Staff Writer November 10, 2021

Four years after the debut of his last album, ÷, British artist Ed Sheeran’s much-anticipated album, =,  has finally been released.     Over the course of the last 4 years since the release...

30, flirty, and thriving

30, flirty, and thriving

Anna Bickersteth, Staff Writer November 9, 2021

If there is one undeniable fact that is agreed on in today's world, it is that Adele is universally loved. Not only does she have an incredible and unique voice, but she has an authentic, adoring personality....

Donda v. CLB

Donda v. CLB

Noa Goldstein, Web Manager November 2, 2021

2021 has been a lot of things, but a bad year for music was not one of them.     Huge creators, such as Tyler the Creator, Lil Nas X, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, J.Cole, and of course, Kanye...

Why Id Recommend Chemtrails Over The Country Club

Why I’d Recommend Chemtrails Over The Country Club

Emma Coden, Staff Writer April 8, 2021

On March 19, 2021, singer Lana Del Rey released her 7th studio album, Chemtrails Over the Country Club. Del Rey never fails to make countless hits, and with her being my favorite artist, I was very excited...

Top 5 Joji songs on Nectar album

Top 5 Joji songs on Nectar album

Isa Halsband, Promotional Manager February 26, 2021

I’ve recently discovered a lot of albums that I enjoy, but one that especially piqued my interest this school year was Joji’s “Nectar” album. Released in late September of 2020, this collection...

The Jonas Brothers or Nick Jonas and His Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers or Nick Jonas and His Brothers?

Mari Lynn, Staff Writer April 10, 2019

I’m definitely a “Sucker” for the Jonas Brothers. Hearing that they were releasing a song together - for the first time in 6 years - made me feel nostalgic for their music video release days from...

Thank U, Next album cover

Thank U, Next Brings Experiences to Life

Shelby Jenkins, Staff Writer February 18, 2019

It’s not a stretch to say that Ariana Grande has been through a lot in the past few months, but she has truly turned her pain into beauty through her latest album, Thank U, Next. The artist released...

AirPods: Cons

Jillian Sacksner, Staff Writer January 25, 2019

It seems that after winter break and numerous gift-giving holidays, everyone has AirPods. However, for school, it has dangerous repercussions for learning and focus in class. There are many negative things...

AirPods: Pros

Marlee Sacksner, Staff Writer January 25, 2019

Earbuds: tangled cords, poor sound quality, and no freedom to move. Now, there is a way to solve these problems and the solution is, AirPods. Airpods are the wireless works sweeping stores throughout the...

AirPods: Wireless Bluetooth earbuds released by Apple in December 2016

Are AirPods Worth it?

January 25, 2019

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