Jillian Sacksner, Guest Writer

I will say that the acting throughout was exceptional, and it was very well filmed. However, from his first take off to stepping his first foot on the moon I had never been more bored by a movie. From the time the movie began, with Neil Armstrong bumping around in a tiny spacecraft to finally stepping foot on the moon 2 hours later, I could have been scrolling through Instagram and wouldn’t have missed a single plot line. The whole movie was slow and there was little to no character development. For the entire film, every single character was just completely serious and sad. There was no change in emotion from the time of their daughter’s death to Neil Armstrong being the first man on the moon. All of the characters had very little reaction to happy occasions.


This was not the thrilling space movie I had anticipated. As the film dragged on for two hours and 22 minutes, I had zero investment in the well being of any of the characters. Another enormous issue was as many of the spacemen died I was never certain as to which characters it was. Every character looked the same, dressed the same, and acted the same. They all wore the same three shirts and were all spacemen. So, I was left tired and bored in the theater at 10 pm on a Tuesday.


To continue, the plot did, in fact, stay true to the history of Neil Armstrong, however, I was left unimpressed by the unimaginative filming of the movie as a whole. I am going to be completely honest, as I was sitting in the theater the only thing keeping me from falling asleep due to the extremely dull aesthetic of the film was the fact that I had to write a truthful review.


Overall, I can not suggest this film to anyone as I can not imagine a more bland experience to have to endure. I would rate this movie 1 out of 5 stars, but it only gets one star because of Ryan Gosling’s performance as Neil Armstrong.