BHHS students and staff share the best advice they have ever received


Humans learn from others – our parents, teachers, and peers. The people around us offer advice, wisdom, guidance, and knowledge. Often, certain pieces of advice stick with us, shaping us into who we are. Bloomfield Hills High School is full of wonderful, inspiring students and staff, all with different experiences and peers. So, I asked students and staff what the best advice they have ever received was and how it shaped them into their present self. 

When I interviewed Mr. Eric Klein, a math teacher at BHHS, he expressed that the best piece of advice he’s ever received was from his father. “He told me that in life it’s really important to take your work or your goals seriously, but never to take yourself too seriously.” Additionally, he appreciates his dad’s sentiment that “you’re not special. You want to keep in mind that everyone else is as important as you are.” This has helped him throughout life and especially as a teacher, as he recognizes that each of the students he comes across is a unique individual who is equally important to all of his other students. 

Next, I talked to my friend Julia Yousif, a sophomore at BHHS. She told me that the best advice she has ever received was also from her father, who told her it is important to “give 100% into everything you do.” Julia has really valued this advice “in sports and in school because you never know what you can get out of something.” It is so important to be open-minded to make the most out of any situation, whether you are excited about it or not. 

I then spoke with Mr. Fitzgerald, a counselor at BHHS. He immediately knew his answer, stating that the best piece of advice he has ever received was “to make really good friends and to surround myself with good people.” He received this from his parents, who received it from their parents. This goes to show how powerful one piece of advice can be, as it can be passed down and valued for generations.

When I had a conversation with Rose Mayoras, a senior at BHHS, she told me that the best advice she has ever received was from her dad, who told her to “never give up or lose hope even when things get hard.” Perseverance is such a valuable trait, helping people stay strong and motivated even in difficult situations. 

Next, I spoke with Mrs. Kavanaugh, who teaches finance and investing along with the law class here at BHHS. Her favorite piece of advice was from her previous boss, and has stayed relevant to her life for years. He told her, “If you have a problem, try three different solutions before asking someone else or giving up.” This advice has been pivotal to her as she navigates her career, which of course comes with problems and difficulties in which she must find ways to solve them. She stated, “be persistent, take on challenges, and learn how to be self-reliant…this has helped me realize how much I can figure out on my own, but if all else fails, it is okay to ask for help.”

Finally, I reached out to Mo Tall, a senior at BHHS. His favorite advice came from a friend, who told him, “show me your five closest friends and I can show you your future.” This advice is so crucial, especially for teenagers. Who we surround ourselves with can truly impact our decision-making and therefore our future. It is important to surround ourselves with good friends who have similar goals and who better us, not drag us down. 

Advice is so valuable. As staff and students have learned from their parents and friends, be sure to intentionally learn from those around you as well. Each individual has different knowledge, and experiences, and therefore different guidance to provide you. Listen!!