Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety


During advisory on May 2nd, students of all ages watched the documentary Angst, a film that discusses the sociological effects of anxiety.  The 56-minute film Film, explores anxiety, its causes, effects, and what students and staff can do about it.


Students reported positive feedback after watching the film, saying that they feel as they’re more connected to the community of anxiety students.


“I never knew that what I was experiencing was severe anxiety I’m so grateful to know that there is treatment.” said 18 year old college student from the film


“It’s powerful, spot-on, genuine, educational and hopeful. Well done!!” said Shelly at Temple Beth Ami, Maryland.


The film has achieved its goal to raise conversation about the sociological effects of Anxiety, and will continue to grow resources in that field.   If you or someone you know is experience anxiety, it’s important to tell a family member or counselor.

For more information on the Angst Film and how to cope with anxiety, visit here