UMatter: “One Thing I Wish You Knew”


With mental health issues becoming increasingly prevalent in the lives of teens today, UMatter, a teen board focused on fighting the stigma surrounding mental health, is looking to educate as many people as possible on mental health concerns.


On March 14th, UMatter is holding an event at the Friendship Circle in West Bloomfield. “One Thing I Wish You Knew” is a teen-run event that entails several speakers telling their stories with the hopes of relating to the audience.


“This is a really special event,” said Jake Weitzman, a senior and UMatter Board member. “We’ve been planning it for months, and we’re all getting very excited to see everyone come and listen to stories that will hopefully have an impact.”


The event formally starts at 7 pm, but prior to that, there will be numerous booths and organizations handing out information, giving advice and more at 6:30.


“We thought that including vendors before the event was a helpful twist to the event,” said Sadie Kirschner, senior and UMatter Board member. “The vendors all are related to our mission statement of fighting the stigma surrounding mental health, and they will serve as an opening to the full event.”


As the event nears, the board becomes more excited for those attending to see the hard work they’ve been doing all year.


“We’ve been working all year for this event,” said Weitzman. “There is no restriction to come, everyone is welcome. We want to spread the message of positivity and let everyone know that they’re not alone, and there is always help.


With an increasing number of teens struggling with mental health, “One Thing I Wish You Knew” looks to help those in need.