Nintendo Made a Little Switch

Ever since the release of the Nintendo DS in 2004, Nintendo has been committed to the creation of the “portable console.” On September 20, 2019 Nintendo continued its line of portable devices with the Switch Lite, a miniature version of the Nintendo Switch. The Switch Lite costs 199.99 dollars which is 100 dollars less than the original.


The Nintendo Switch Lite is a lightweight, small-scale version of the original Switch. Unlike the original, the lite features non-detachable Joycons, and a classic style d-pad. 


Although the Switch Lite is considered the “cousin” of the Switch, there are many differences. 


Media and Design Major at Michigan State University Evan Sacksner said, “The biggest difference between the original Switch and the Switch Lite is the inability to dock the Lite. Docking the Nintendo Switch is when you can connect it to the TV, and without this it loses a lot of functionality.”


The recent release of this console caused a lot of conversation about the need for it. 


“This ‘new’ Switch was extremely unnecessary. The only thing that is better about the Lite is the d-pad because of how much easier to use it is,” said junior, Anna German “The idea to go back to a more classic design for it I feel is a good one.”


Not only does the “classic design” change the look of the switch, but can also affect the game play of certain games.


“The lack of detachable joycons makes some games unplayable. The notable games include 1-2 Switch and Super Mario Party,” said Sacksner.


“I always enjoy my time playing video games, and although this may not be my favorite console to add to my repertoire, it is certainly a much better deal than the original. All the fun multiplayer games will feel even better playing out of the house!”