Blue Point Alarm Activated at BHHS

Earlier today, December 19th, 2019, the BluePoint alarm system was activated at Bloomfield Hills High School. This alarm alerted students to the possibility of an on-campus active weapons threat which was later determined to be a false alarm.


Within seconds, students and faculty implemented the ‘run, hide, fight’ protocol and either evacuated the building or safely barricaded themselves in classrooms until police escorts arrived to move them to a safer location. Local police officers, including BHHS Police Liaison Dave VanKerckhove, were on the scene moments after the alarm was pulled to secure the building.


Students who evacuated and didn’t have transportation were shuttled on school buses to a secure reunification site, the Bloomfield Township Public Library, where parents and guardians were able to safely pick up their students.


By 3:45 pm, the school was secured by local law enforcement and opened for students to retrieve their belongings until 6:00 pm. Classes will resume tomorrow as a scheduled Even Day with increased police presence throughout the building. Counselors and social workers will be available for all students and staff who need support throughout the day.