Top 5 Joji songs on Nectar album

Top 5 Joji songs on Nectar album

I’ve recently discovered a lot of albums that I enjoy, but one that especially piqued my interest this school year was Joji’s “Nectar” album. Released in late September of 2020, this collection of songs is hands down one of my favorites and could be yours too. Here are my top five picks. Go check them out!


1. Sanctuary

How can I physically put into words the love I have for this song? Every part of it is flawless: the verses, the chorus, and the outro. If I’m being fully honest, it makes me want to spin in circles in the middle of a field, and not every song has the ability to do that. This song is, quite literally, my “sanctuary.”


2. Like You Do

Wow. ‘Masterpiece’ is an understatement. Not only do the lyrics hit hard, but the chord progression gives me actual chills. Not to mention, I literally start hysterically balling whenever I listen to this song. If you ever get your hearts broken, ladies and gents, I introduce to you, “Like You Do” by Joji. 


3. Run

Most songs either have catchy verses or a catchy chorus. This one has both. Honestly, the first time I listened to it I almost had a heart attack. This song’s guitar solo bridge contributes to a solid 50% of my happiness right now. Possibly even 60. Overall, I have no complaints with this song. And if you do, are you okay?


4. Gimme Love

I suppose I have a bit of bias on this one, as it gives me this burning sense of nostalgia and therefore is one of my many comfort songs. Furthermore, the quick pace of the song and then sudden slow bridge are hard not to like. And come on, who can’t relate to wanting someone to show them love?


5. Daylight 

Lastly, this song can lift my spirits literally any day. It’s incredibly catchy and I often find myself belting the chorus when I’m driving by myself. I highly recommend doing so (but keep your windows shut if you have a voice like mine). Even though the lyrics aren’t exactly mood lifting, it has an upbeat vibe nonetheless.