Marching for our Lives


November 30, 2021, will be a day to remember in our community forever. The Oxford tragedy reminded many students of the prevalence of gun violence, and that it truly has no limits to where it can occur. This thought alone and possibly many other factors for students have sparked a drive for change in our school communities and our country. 

   March For Our Lives is a student-led organization that works to try and lower gun violence rates and pass new gun control laws into legislation. They are mostly known for their protest in Washington D.C after the 2018 Parkland Florida tragedy that gathered almost 2 million people, making it one of the largest demonstrations in history. After the Parkland and Oxford tragedies, students at BHHS and around Oakland County decided to work alongside this organization, bringing a March for Our Lives Chapter into Bloomfield Hills. Two students in particular, senior Akita Kotian and senior Karina Yang, are at the forefront of this new Bloomfield Chapter.

   “I started working with March for Our Lives in 2018 after the Parkland shooting,” Kotian explains. “That rally actually got me involved in community organizing in the 8th grade. Since then, me and my close friend Karina Yang have created a local chapter for March for Our Lives.”

   Shortly after the Oxford shooting, March for Our Live Bloomfield Hills held a meeting on December 4 to discuss the events of the tragedy, but mostly provided a space for people to heal and express their feelings. Looking forward, the duo wants to continue promoting gun safety throughout our community.

   “In our meeting last week, in response to the Oxford shooting, MFOL Bloomfield provided a space for students to process and discuss the events of November 30th. We wanted to focus on healing, as our community was and still has been recovering from the tragedy. Additionally, we talked about our chapter’s future goals as we move forward,” states Yang.

   Yang also describes the main priorities of March for Our Lives Bloomfield.

   “March for Our Lives Bloomfield works to advocate for sensible gun violence prevention policies that will save lives. We do so by harnessing the power of young people in our local area!”

   According to Yang, one of the most important aspects of March for Our Lives is an emphasis on student voice around the country. Yang and Kotian further bring attention to this matter, as it is one of the reasons they participate.

   “The main goal of our chapter is to get other young people involved in the gun violence prevention movement and promote gun safety throughout our community,” says Kotian. “March For Our Lives Bloomfield is a great space to organize with other students and take on an active role in making your community a safer place.”

  During these trying times, it is so important for students’ voices to be heard. Although we may not have the most influence, our stories are the most important. March of Our lives Bloomfield is this much-needed outlet for students wanting to create change in our community and our country. Yang emphasizes this point.

“If you are passionate about gun violence prevention, and want to take action in your local community or across the nation, March For Our Lives is a great organization to join!”