Roll down to Birmingham Sushi Cafe

Roll down to Birmingham Sushi Cafe

For all of my sushi lovers out there, I have the perfect place for you! Birmingham Sushi Cafe is located at 377 Hamilton Row, Birmingham, Michigan. I found this awesome restaurant recently, and I haven’t looked back.

   Birmingham Sushi Cafe has an incredible menu and is run by an amazing staff. It is a small family-owned restaurant and the waiters know me by name and my order. That is just one aspect that always draws me back to this awesome spot. 

   Other than the great customer service, the food is on another level. My favorites are the sushi rolls. My favorite rolls are the spicy tuna, spicy salmon, and many of their specialty rolls. The menu ranges in price, so it can be very affordable depending on what you order. The fish is extremely fresh and worth the money. 

   If you’re not into raw fish, they have many other options such as fried rice, noodle dishes, salads, soups, and much more.

   The location of this restaurant is an additional plus. It is right in the middle of downtown Birmingham. There is easy, accessible parking right behind the restaurant and a parking structure behind that. On a day of strolling through the cute town, it is walking distance from all the shops. That is my favorite thing to do with my friends and family!

   This is by far my favorite place to get sushi. It is consistently good and relieves my sushi cravings. I would 100% recommend this to anyone new in town or looking for a great local sushi spot.