“Would you Rather” – Holiday Edition

As winter break approaches and the snow falls, holiday spirit and traditions fill the halls. So jolly and so bright it only seems right, a “would you rather” here in sight. 


Maeve Wright

Question: Would you rather go sledding or ice skating?

Answer: “Sledding. I am not good at ice skating and I love going

sledding with my friends!”


Ryan Paulon 

Question: Would you rather have no winter break or no spring break?

Answer: “No winter break because I am really looking forward to  my senior spring break with good weather.”


Ilana Watson

Question: Would you rather have whip cream or marshmallows on your hot chocolate or both? Why? 

Answer: “Both! It makes it more enjoyable especially when it is so cold out.” 




Nick Shenouda

Question: Would you rather wear Santa’s big boots or pointy elf shoes to gym class?

Answer: “I like the elf shoes because they are more aerodynamic.” 


Kacy Rankin

Question: Would you rather have a longer summer and shorter winter break or longer winter break and shorter summer?

Answer: “I would definitely have a longer winter break because summer break is already pretty long.” 



Jackson Holton

Question: Would you rather get rid of a holiday or create a new one? 

Answer: “I would get rid of Valentine’s Day because it doesn’t come close to the other holidays.” 


Dominik Dostal

Question: Would you rather live in an igloo or sauna?

Answer: “I think an igloo because I like the cold and I would get too hot in a sauna.” 


Madison Stewart

Question: Would you rather eat 5 lbs of pumpkin pie or 5 lbs of apple pie?

Answer: “Either way I would not feel too good after but I like pumpkin pie a lot more.”