Catching up with Coach


Any fan of the Detroit Pistons would know the name Tim McCormick, face of the pre-game and post-game shows on Bally Sports Network, home of Detroit sports. But how many fans, let alone people in general, could tell you that they blocked the eight year NBA veteran in a high school basketball game?

   Known affectionately as “Coach,” Coach Brown, the newest member of the Bloomfield Hills hall monitor and security team, supports students in the halls during lunches, as well as passing time and some transportation periods. And yes, he blocked Tim McCormick in a high school basketball faceoff.

  While the majority of students have met Coach this year during their lunch periods or passing time, he has actually been in the Bloomfield community for more years than most people know.

   The current head coach of the Girls Varsity Basketball team, coach Kristen Massey, played her own high school career at Novi Christian Academy, where she was under Coach’s instruction. Recently, as she took on her slate of girls basketball coaching, she invited Coach back onto her own staff.

   “[Coach Kristen] brought me into the girls’ program at Bloomfield Hills, and [after that] I took a job at the school to get closer to the players and student[s],” Coach said.

   Coach’s lifelong friend, Steve Green, also coached at Novi Christian, and Coach is glad that Coach Massey invited Green back to the Bloomfield program, as he is coaching the freshman team.

   Relationships and connections are one of the most important aspects of Coach’s life. At Bloomfield Hills, Coach views the student body, including the athletes, as vital to a successful and safe school environment. 

   “My favorite part of each day is communicating with the kids first thing in the morning and talking sports with the athletes,” said Coach. “A lot of kids [here] seem really nice because I have love for everybody, so when I see a person down, I try to encourage them and keep them feeling good about themselves,” he added.  

   Some of the first words that come to mind when a student thinks of Coach include positive, welcoming, and down-to-earth, based on the energy that he brings to the school each day. 

   “This is who I am,” he said when reflecting on how people see him as being personable and humble. 

   Not many know about Coach’s prolific past in his own playing experiences. As a sophomore at Highland Park High School, he was regarded as the best tenth grade hooper in the state. He also received one of the most prestigious honors in national high school basketball – he was named to the Converse All American team in 1982. He also set his high school record for points scored in a game with 46.

   He continued his career on a full scholarship to West Virginia University, where he was a solid four year big man for the Mountaineers, and got to match up against some of the best teams in the country, including (at the time) top ranked University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).

   Although he was an excelling ballplayer, everyone still knows him as Coach.

   “After over 30 years of coaching and instructing, everyone I know calls me that, even my lifetime friends. It sounds crazy, but they do. [Even so], sometimes people forget that I played at a high level,” he said.

   In these 30 plus years, he has spent a lot of time with women’s basketball athletes, especially at the high school level. He began his coaching career with men’s basketball, but found women’s basketball was a better fit for him. 

   Since coming to Bloomfield, Coach has been delighted with the student support for the women’s team. 

   “When I got here, I fell in love with the student section. [They have] helped advance the girls’ program. I try to go to all the other sporting events because it builds community. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been talking with The Cage to support the girls much more, and it gives the team a big boost,” he said.

   Whether it be on the court, in the bleachers, or during passing time, Coach will always be around to encourage everyone to be their best person every day and continue to build strong, long lasting relationships.

   “At this school, I treat everyone the same. Sometimes it’s who you know, not always what you know.”