Fantasy Football Update

Being more than halfway through the fantasy football season, it is important to recognize which players are playing well and which players we expected more from. The following players are top 5 in their respective position scoring the most fantasy points in a PPR style league through week 8.




  1. Josh Allen has scored 190.52 fantasy points so far this season averaging 27.2 points a game
  2. Joe Burrow has 180.36 fantasy points this year and he’s averaging 22.55 points a game
  3. Lamar Jackson has 178.7 points this season averaging 22.34 points a game
  4. Jalen Hurts has 174.26 points this season averaging 24.86 points a game
  5. Patrick Mahomes has 169.66 points this season and is averaging 24.24 points a game.


Despite these successful quarterbacks, it is disappointing to see many superstars struggling this year. This Includes Super Bowl champion Matthew Stafford who is averaging 11.87 points a game proving that he is a completely different player than he was last year. Another disappointing quarterback is Russell Wilson who had a fresh start on a new team, however is only averaging 14.59 points per game. Tom Brady is another disappointment this season. The “GOAT” is only averaging 15.27 fantasy points per game. These quarterbacks have been very disappointing so far this season.


Running Back:


  1. Austin Ekeler has scored 198.8 points this season and is averaging 24.85 points per  game
  2. Joe Mixon has scored 171.7 points this season and is averaging 19.08 points game
  3. Derrick Henry has scored 169 points this season and is averaging 21.13 points a game
  4. Christan McCaffrey has scored 166.46 points this season and is averaging 20.81 points a game
  5. Nick Chubb has scored 163.1 points this game and is averaging 20.39 points a game. 


Although these five players have had great stats this season, there are also a few players that have been complete busts this season. A prime example is Najee Harris. He has played like a bottom 5 running back this season and has not been able to obtain any points for users. He should be traded immediately in all leagues for anyone who has a promising schedule. Another running back that has not been great is Cam Akers. Most people were drafting him around the 3rd round, but Akers has not had a game where he amounted  more than 10 points. He should be benched or even dropped as he serves no value to owners.


Wide Receivers: 

  1. Tyreek Hill has scored 206.9 points this season and is averaging 22.99 points a game
  2. Cooper Kupp has scored 198.5 points this season and is averaging 24.81 points per  game
  3. Stefon Diggs has scored 187.7 points this season and is averaging 23.46 points a game 
  4. Justin Jefferson has scored 173.92 points a game and is averaging 21.74 points a game
  5. Jaylen Waddle has scored 163.9 points this season and is averaging 18.21 points a game.


It is wild that there are two receivers both from the Miami Dolphins on this list. Waddle and Hill have been having very successful seasons. All of these receivers already had similar projections to boom this season, and they have. However, there are some other players that you could trade for that have potential to put up stats like these players. Some examples are Deandre Hopkins, A.J Brown, Amari Cooper, Amon Ra St. Brown, Christian Kirk, Chris Olave, and Juju Smith-Schuster. All of these receivers are playing way above their respective projections, and have the potential to play like the top five fantasy receivers. 


Tight Ends:


  1. Travis Kelce has scored 167.4 points this season and is averaging 20.93 points per game.
  2. Mark Andrews has scored 113.4 points this season and is averaging 15.19 points per game
  3. Zach Ertz has scored 113.4 points this season and is averaging 12.6 points per game
  4. Dallas Goedert has scored 104.1 points this season and is averaging 13.01 points per game.
  5. TJ Hockenson has scored 104.1 points this season and is averaging 12.69 points per game.


Travis Kelce is obviously the strongest tight end in the league and he is holding up to his potential this year being a first round pick. However, there has not been anyone like him this year in terms of fantasy production, as he is far above the rest of the tight ends on this list. Most tight ends other than Kelce are all extremely similar in terms of workload. Without a touchdown for these other players, their contribution to your fantasy team will be limited. A notable bust in fantasy this season for the tight end position is Kyle Pitts. Drafted generally in round 3 or 4, he has been an average to below average tight end in terms of fantasy. Unless you grabbed Kelce, your tight end position is generally going to be insignificant.