10 Things we couldn’t live without this year

As 2022 comes to an end, here’s 10 items you should indulge in next year


2022 was difficult in many ways, but it was also a year of change and growth. These 10 products helped to put a positive spin on our year.

1. Slippers: With these slipper options, you are sure to not get cold feet! These cozy and cute slippers are perfect gifts to someone you love, or yourself.

2. Moisturizers: The air might be getting dry, but your skin should not! These hydrating moisturizers were a vital step in our skin care routines this year.

3. Daily Lip Care: No matter the season, our favorite lip products remain the same. It is vital to keep our lips hydrated and smooth for all 12 months. These products can easily be thrown in a pocket or purse, and are highly recommended.

4. Lululemon Belt Bag: This is a classic item that can fit everything you need for a day out. The belt bag comes in a variety of colors that make it a perfect accessory for any occasion.

5. Cheddar Goldfish: This crunchy and portable snack is a staple for all ages. It truly is the snack that smiles back!

6. Stanley Cup: This cup is truly perfect for daily water consumption. It is the ideal size, fitting in most car cup holders, and has a functional handle. This ultra popular cup makes an amazing gift (for others or yourself!).

7. Candles: Nothing is better than lighting a delicious smelling candle on a night in. These are some of our favorite scents/brands that we are sure will be a perfect addition to your home décor.

8. 5 Cobalt Gum: Of all of the flavors and brands of gum available, this one is our top pick. It is minty, fresh, and cool.

9. Pens: There is truly nothing better than a nice pen. We have tried out many different types over the years, but have landed on these three pens for our 2022 pick!

10. Casetify Phone Cases: Whether you’re looking for something cute or functional, Casetify has hundreds of phone case options for you. Each case has a large selection of protection and some are even customizable!