Hottest Sport in Town

Pickleball is becoming very popular for various reasons


Courtesy of Bloomfield Hills Schools

Community members play pickleball with Superintendent Watson at West Hills Middle School

Pickleball is the next big thing. It is becoming popular everywhere especially for adults who are looking for a sport to play that is not as taxing as some other sports may be. The United Sports and Fitness Industry Association identified pickleball as the fastest growing sport in America. But what makes it so popular? 


Many consider pickleball as a mix of ping pong (table tennis) and tennis. This is appealing because the sport requires less physicality than tennis being that there is less ground to cover and is played at a slower pace. The sport is also appealing because of the fact that it is very easy to learn compared to other racquet sports that have a steep learning curve. Pickleball is also a fun, versatile social activity where you can play singles, double, or mixed doubles. It is also easy to converse with your friends in between points because of the small court. 


The CDC states that less than a quarter of adults get enough physical activity a day. The social interaction of the sport can be motivating for those that do not get enough exercise during the day. For the older generation, there are only so many sports that they are still physically able to play. Therefore, pickleball has been especially popular for those 55 and older. To ramp up the intensity of the game you can play singles where you are covering more court and often running down shots more often than in doubles. 


Another reason for the popularity of pickleball is that anyone can play with anyone while maintaining intensity. An example of this is when I play with my friends. Being a tennis player and having experience with racquet sports, I am still able to play with any of my friends who are mostly not familiar with racquet sports. 


The point is, pickleball is an easy sport to learn and recreational players are generally around the same level which keeps the game fun and inclusive for all.