Pushing through the seasonal blues

Tips for getting through Michigan’s long winter

Sometimes, it seems that winter (following winter break) does not have the same sparkle. The lack of Vitamin D each day impacts your mind, usually making it more difficult to focus, more naturally tired, and makes it harder to produce serotonin.  So, I will be giving you some tips to get the most out of the winter. Even after the holiday season. 

Work for the weekend

It won’t be until spring break that you get another long and well-deserved break. So, looking forward to the weekend is essential. However, the only way to really enjoy it is to make it as stress-free as possible,  for many this means to finish homework and studying before your weekend begins. Know that you will be able to relax and enjoy your days off when the work is done. Let this be your motivation.


Keep Your Space Happy

Something as small as cleaning the areas that you live in each day, such as your own room, bathroom, or desk, can allow you to feel more free of your stressors. Having a messy space adds unneeded stress and is proven to do so even when you don’t realize it. Also, the feeling of knowing that you have done something productive with your time is freeing in itself. 


Give Yourself Breaks

Many people that experience a rough patch during the winter tend to feel much more lethargic and never seem well- rested. Therefore, a way to aid this could be to take naps to get some extra rest. Lying down to watch your favorite tv show or movie is also a calm and fun way to break.


I hope that you consider these tips and know that we are all in this together We all have our own struggles that we deal with each day. You are not alone!