One Day at a Time Starts the New Year Right

Netflix’s reboot is a gut busting, quality show


While perusing my Netflix ‘because you watched list’ a sitcom called One Day at a Time caught my eye. Curious, I clicked on it, and instantly I was hooked. I binge watched it in about a day, and that’s exactly what you should do to.

One Day at a Time is about a Cuban-American family living in LA. It premiered on Netflix on January 6th. The story follows a recently single veteran mother named Penelope, her mother Lydia, her teenage daughter Elena, tween son Alex, and different situations that they find themselves in. As a sitcom, every episode has a self contained plot. Each character is well rounded; they are equally the brunt of the joke and the makers of them while still having their own stories. Despite being caricatures one usually finds on comedy shows, the audience can still root for and relate to them.

The show covers a variety of topics such as sexism, immigration, problems encountered by veterans, mental illness, and coming out, but they are done in a hilarious and genuinely enjoying way. It doesn’t at all feel like the show is preaching to the audience, yet it addresses these issues with refreshing frankness. As someone who enjoys such episodes in shows, I thought these issues were handled very well and added depth to the show.

Most importantly, as a comedy One Day at a Time completely rocks the house. Quips between family members that anyone can relate to had me laughing throughout each episode, and the ridiculous situations the characters find themselves in are perfect exaggerations of everyday problems.

Each character has memorable lines that compete in hilarity with any other long-standing comedy. I enjoyed it just as much as shows like Parks and Recreation and Friends, even though it only has one season so far.

If you’re looking for an easy to binge sitcom with relatable characters, you should check out One Day at a Time. You won’t regret it!