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Stock Market Plunge

I’m Jack Brown with a WBFH editorial.

Some time ago, the stock market went into a noticeable drop of over 4% during the course of several days as noted by CNN. However, since then, the market has been on somewhat of a rebound.

The finger of blame for this drop has been pinned in many places. Most notably at former president Barack Obama and current president Donald Trump. While nothing has yet been proven, the crash is a major sign of what is to come for the stock market. Many people, including myself, believe that a big crash is quickly approaching. A stock market crash that would send the country into a recession or worse yet, depression. History has shown that “roaring markets” where the stock market continues to rise at a fast rate, often lead to significant crashes, such as in 1929, when after a period of wild expansion, the market collapsed leading to, of course, the Great Depression. Many have reported that the current market is roaring, and the recent decline, could very well be the bridge buckling before it collapses.

The views expressed are not necessarily those of WBFH, its management, staff, or the Bloomfield Hills school district. I’m Jack Brown and you’re listening to 88.1.

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Stock Market Plunge