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I’m Alexandria Grant with a WBFH editorial.

Alex: “Hey Sofi!”
Sofi: “Hey Alex!”
Alex: “How come you didn’t come to my house last night to hang out?”
Sofi: “Um…My dog had a…uhh…doctors appointment.”
*Stopping of tape*

There are three things I don’t like. People spitting while talking. People who only talk about themselves all the time. But most of all people who LIE! A lie is a statement used intentionally for the purpose of deception. According to Psychology Today, there are reasons why people lie even though people don’t need to. Some of those reasons are the fear of disappointment to others. Another reason why is when we tell a little bitty lie, but then to cover that lie, we have to tell another one, then another, and another each gets bigger and bigger.

I know lies might seem like the best way out, but it is not worth carrying around the weight of those lies. Just tell the people the truth and don’t lie!
Okay, resume!
*rolling tape*

Alex: “Well Sofi that’s funny because I saw a picture of you on Abby’s Instagram at a party last time, that you’re tagged in. Saying #Girlsnight
Sofi: “Um…bye!”
And if you do lie, make sure not post it on social media…

The views expressed are not necessarily those of WBFH, its management, staff, or the Bloomfield Hills school district. I’m Alex Grant and you’re listening to 88.1.

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