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Senior Pranks

Now that it’s way beyond the beginning of the second semester, seniors are starting to wind down as graduation approaches. I’m Nicholas Albaran with a WBFH editorial.

It’s no mystery that second-semester seniors seem so slacking on stuff with the school year skidding to a stop. One major thing that keeps us in school and the administration looking over their shoulder is the infamous senior prank, a hilarious tradition seniors do to create chaos and basically annoy the whole school. While most senior pranks are good-natured and comedic (and sometimes a little inappropriate), sometimes they go over the line and consequences can range from detention to expulsion. Should schools allow the senior prank?

Um, well yeah? Seniors have spent over a decade in school having mathematics, history, and science stuffed into our brains. As a chapter of our lives comes to a close (heh, like what I did there?), I believe that cutting loose and having a laugh to celebrate a well-deserved graduation is well-earned. Of course, common sense is mandatory when planning so nobody will get hurt. But having a laugh to wrap up our last year of high school seems like a reasonable demand.

The views expressed are not necessarily those of WBFH, its management, staff, or the Bloomfield Hills school district. I’m Nicholas Albaran and you’re listening to 88.1 the Biff.

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