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The Magic of the Tarot

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The Magic of the Tarot

On Tuesday, March 6th, Bloomfield Hills High school hosted a multicultural night in the school’s Main Commons.


The multicultural night is a place where people of all cultures can share their own culture and expand their knowledge of other cultures. “The celebration is an amazing way for families throughout the district to share their cultures, including food, dance, music, and the arts,” Parent Teacher Organization Council member Leah Abel said. “Families enjoy the opportunity to be involved in their school communities.”


Although multicultural nights have been hosted before, this is the first time it was held at the high school rather than at individual middle schools. “Since the high schools have combined into one, it is very important that the entire school district understands and is aware of all of the different diverse cultures we have,” Parent Teacher Organization Council member Tracey Cooley Kevelighan said. “This will hopefully lead to respect and understanding when a student or community member meets someone who is from a different culture.”


The fact that the separate multicultural nights combined into one this year serves a number of other purposes for the community. “It is special for the district to come together at Bloomfield Hills High School, where every student will eventually attend,” Abel said. “The experience gives a preview for younger students who will eventually go to the high school, and gives all district families a sense of togetherness and community.”


At multicultural night, numerous activities take place in which community members are able to share and expand their cultural understanding with others. “It is truly a fun event,” Abel said. “Visitors not only enjoy learning about other cultures, but enjoy the camaraderie of sharing food, music, and dance in a global setting.”


Aside from the experience of the visitors, those who partake in the performances enrich their knowledge of their own cultures in addition other cultures. One of the performances at the multicultural night was a Chinese Tai Chi fan dance. “It was very important to me to be able to perform at the multicultural night,” one of the tai chi performers Joe Divito said. “I like to perform the tai chi dance and it was fun to watch kids learn about other cultures that they wouldn’t otherwise have knowledge of.”


The event takes place yearly and will occur again next March.

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The Magic of the Tarot