Benji’s Bites: a new food review column


Have you ever wondered what food tastes like? Well, look no further because I have the column for you! Read Benji’s Bites to discover different decadent delicacies that I come across in my journeys through the halls of Bloomfield Hills High School and beyond!


“Croissant” Should it be pronounced in the Americanized way of “Cruh-Sahnt” or perhaps more akin to the traditional French sounding “Kwuh-Saunh?” We may never know or agree, but one thing is for absolutely certain, one of the best items you can get from Cedric’s Servery at BHHS is his famous Egg and Cheese Croissant Sandwich. 

   The sandwich consists of a buttered croissant split into two, with two eggs and cheddar cheese layered in the middle. There is also the option for a similar sandwich where the second egg is replaced with a thin sausage. Occasionally, one will discover parmesan cheese sprinkled delicately on the top. 

   I would like everyone reading this to know that several mornings this semester, I abstained from my mom’s offers for a home cooked breakfast so I could indulge in this sandwich for the sole purpose of reviewing it here. So, what does master foodie, cuisine expert, handsome genius, Benji Stern think of this source of sustenance? Well, I’ll tell you. 

   To start, I love the flavor. The eggs and/or sausage are always seasoned just the right amount. The taste isn’t overwhelming with one flavor or another, and it isn’t too subtle that you miss it altogether. The occasional parmesan cheese on the top half of the croissant always adds a little zest. The one recurring issue that I have with this sandwich is the excessive butter in the croissant. When you pick up the sandwich, it immediately begins oozing butter. The solution is to grab some napkins since it will surely get messy.. Aside from the butter, there is an even distribution of the other elements with just the right amount of cheese, an appropriate sized  sausage patty, and a croissant proportionate to the amount of filling inside. 

   Anyone who has been to A200 at BHHS knows about Cedric and his servery. Cedric is always playing music and there to help out with anything you need. He consistently creates a lively atmosphere throughout the halls. The environment that Cedric fosters in his corner of the school makes the experience of eating his food exponentially better. He always makes his food fresh the day of, and keeps it warm and ready for students to take right off the warming shelf. 

   If you are deciding between stopping somewhere like Starbucks, Dunkin, or Tim Hortons on the way to school, I recommend instead paying a visit to Cedric for your morning meals.

   Additionally, with the school’s free lunch program, there is no cost to the students. It is extremely convenient to grab and go, and it tastes great. Overall, I do enjoy this sandwich for my breakfast, and I encourage students to head over to Cedric’s and try it out for yourself!