Seeing double

The pros and cons of being a twin



Sisters by birth, friends by choice

That’s my answer when people ask me what it’s like being a twin.

It must be fun being a twin.

It’s a gift.

One that only a select few get to receive. And I am one of them.  Having a twin is the best gift I could ever ask for.

Where is Skylar? How come you two aren’t together?

My fraternal sister Skylar is the best part about being a twin. Even when we are apart  we are still together. Every day, every where she is always there.   Going through life, watching people standing alone, I think about how lucky I am to always have my best friend by my side.

Skylar is the love of my life, and I could not imagine ever living without her. Is there better pro to being a twin than that?

But don’t you get tired of one another?

How can I possibly get tired of someone who is always by my side?  When walking into a room full of strangers, scared to talk, or interact with anyone I know I always have someone by my side.  Another pro.

But it hasn’t always been that way, has it?

Entering Mrs. Semanes’s third grade classroom, I was not only introduced to new division methods, but also mean girls whose words sunk into my brain, much deeper and faster than any math lesson.  AS the bullying increased so did the incarnation of my hero; my best friend. My twin, Skylar, was always there to defend me and make me smile. Whenever  down, my hero – my twin was there to save the day, always and forever.  

Which one are you again?

It’s easy to tell us apart.  Skylar is the brave one.  From third grade to middle school, and then to high school, she has saved my life over and over again.  No matter what was going on in her life, my older sister (by 32 minute) was always there to defend me. 24 hours a day seven days a week. 365 days a year.   

Don’t you two ever fight?

Every fight and tear that comes with having a twin allows us to realize that we care more for each other than anyone else on this earth, including ourselves. Although we fight, like any normal sisters do, we always go to bed loving each other more and more each night. This is probably the greatest pro of being  a twin; the unconditional love that comes from someone who your copied your chromosomes.   Although, we may not look alike our DNA is seen daily as we we are alike more  than sometimes we even admit.

It must always be fun being a twin.

Throughout my entire life, Skylar and I have always spent endless amounts of time together; laughing, playing, and talking for hours on end.  As I continue to discover the gifts that come along with having a twin, I will become more and more appreciative of the amazing person that I can call my best friend.  It may not always be fun but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Skylar is my sister, my twin, my best friend, and the love of my life. She is my sister by birth and my best friend by choice.


Can you read each other’s thoughts?

Have you ever switched places to confuse people or get out of a test?

Which one are you, again?

It’s constantly one of these questions.  

Everyday. Every person. All the time.

I know that every pair of twins go through it but as one of the few fraternal twins at         

Bloomfield Hills, I get a lot of questions.

It must be fun being a twin.

Well….. If people only knew the reality…

First there is the fact that I am never alone.  Except for 32 minutes, Jayden, has always been there.  And for the past sixteen years,  that half an hour was the longest time we have ever been without one another.  

How would you feel if everywhere you went there was always another person there? Its  not that I don’t like being with her but  even when she isn’t the questions continue.

Where is Jayden?

How come you two aren’t together?

Another secret about being a twin is that there is the constant comparing.   

How did Jayden do?

Who did better?

For once, I would like to hear, “Wow,  Skylar that is amazing.”   

I love my sister, don’t get me wrong but  sharing chromosomes sometimes mean that I have to share everything: my stories, my successes.  

I really wish people would understand that while we may look alike, we are two different individuals.

And it’s not just society. I’m guilty of it too.

 “Who is the prettiest?”

 “Who has better grades?”

“How did she do on the ACT?”

These questions are always running through my mind.

Besides the fighting within my head, there is the constant fighting with one another.

As the “oldest”, it felt like she she would always get the newest and coolest toys.

Skylar do not get upset… you guys can share.

My twin  always got first pick, and I was left with what was left.

You’re the oldest, don’t you want to take care of your little sister?

More questions.  Even though the clothing fights have gotten a lot better and we have started to share most of what we own, we fight more over boys…        

Sometimes I question why I am a twin, Sometimes I just wish the questions would stop and people would understand that I just want to be my own person… without someone always tagging along. While there are many ups and downs to being a twin, the cons need to be considered.

It must always be fun being a twin.

No…. No it is not always.