Stay Mindful: Finals Week Edition


Fiona Rudy

Stay mindful, friends!

Fiona Rudy, Section Editor

Finals: One of the worst times in a year to be a high school student, stress levels are at an all 

time is high, studying takes precedence over sleeping and eating, you feel like your brain couldn’t possibly absorb any more information, it seems like the smallest wisp of bad luck will knock us over, and it’s getting hard to get back up.


This isn’t a guide to finals, I’m not sure that’s my story to write, but maybe I can offer some advice: 


Lose the tunnel vision. 

During finals week we get so obsessed with our classes, our grades, how much we can memorize in one sitting, and those are all things that are vital to success, but it is also a shortsighted way to think. Why do you want an A in that class? What is preventing you from getting it? What is the most productive way to achieve that?

I wont say that the struggle isn’t worth it, the sleepless nights and exhausting days, because sometimes it is, sometimes all you need is one test score to make or break it, but moderation is key, lose the tunnel vision. Take the time to understand just how well you need to do to achieve the grade you want, then how much effort it is going to take to meet that goal.

There is a productive way to distribute your efforts, balance them out in a way that is the least overwhelming, be more prepared then you need to, but more than anything else, realize this: Finales are designed to test what you have learned over a semester, If you have had an understanding, put in the effort to learn concepts, and done the work over the past four or five months, all you have to do now is demonstrate that understanding. 

Stress is a part of growth, approach it strategically, keep the end in mind, work hard, we’re all in this together, and we’ll all make it to the other side.


Stay mindful (Good luck!)