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A Letter to Travis Scott

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A Letter to Travis Scott

460 days and counting.  460 days since Travis Scott has blessed his fans with a new album.  The rapper continues to tease his fans with snippets and false hope, so I ask, why?  


Travis Scott has been my favorite artist since he released Days Before Rodeo in 2014.  According to Travis himself, he has two albums in the works: Astroworld, and a collaboration with Migos leader Quavo.  He always seems to get fans excited by freestyling about dropping one of them, tweeting about them, or releasing snippets of music.  He toys with our emotions, and honestly, I am sick of it.  I can’t take his promises seriously anymore.  


Travis recently tweeted “Huncho farm cactus jack alert,” implying something is going to be happening with his collaboration album with Quavo.  However, can we trust him anymore?  Both Travis and Quavo have tweeted several times about their album, getting fans excited.  But I guess these two artists don’t care about their fans anymore.


The only way that Travis Scott will be earning my full trust and support will be by releasing an album.  End of story.  Travis’s album drought is too long to keep waiting idly by and Travis Scott is the only person that can change it.  We’re waiting, Travis.  And we aren’t too patient anymore.

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A Letter to Travis Scott