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‘Sizzle It Asian Bistro’ is More Than Just a Bistro

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‘Sizzle It Asian Bistro’ is More Than Just a Bistro

If you’re looking for a new restaurant that takes a unique approach on Asian inspired cuisine, then Sizzle It Asian Bistro is probably the place for you..

Located on 31194 Novi Road in Novi, you will find a cozy, modern styled restaurant that combines Japanese and Chinese classics with a strong American presence. Sizzle It is also conveniently located near a Starbucks, El Mariachi Mexican restaurant, and only a few streets away from Twelve Oaks Mall and Walled Lake.

As I walked into Sizzle It, I was impressed by the contemporary design and the casual vibe of the “bistro”. The restaurant wasn’t extremely busy, but it also wasn’t completely empty and lifeless which is understandable knowing the Sizzle It opened very recently.

The next thing I noticed at Sizzle It was their service. The waiters were super friendly and very insightful with my questions about the menu. The sit-down styled ordering process was relatively simple as well. However, the wait-time was pretty long for the limited amount of customers at the restaurant.

Now, most importantly, the food. I really enjoyed the options on the menu. There were definitely a variety of options, and everything seemed pretty delicious. Sizzle It also added on a creative spin with an option of rolled ice cream, bento boxes, and other items that I wouldn’t have found at many other Asian restaurants. However, based on Sizzle It’s menu, I quickly realized that most of their food was very “Americanized” and definitely not as authentic as true East Asian cuisine.

I ordered a Bento Box which comes with your choice of an entree, brown rice, lo mein, and a spring roll or crab rangoons. The General Tso’s chicken and Szechuan Chicken were a perfect balance between spice, sweetness, and a savory flavor. Like many other Chinese food lovers, Lo Mein has always been my favorite, however I was extremely disappointed with the Lo Mein at this restaurant as it lacked much flavor. Despite this, compared to other Asian restaurants, Sizzle It was very appetizing and it came with a lot of food. My friend ordered the Spicy Miso Ramen, which was described as average, but still tasteful. In my opinion, Sizzle It was an average Asian restaurant that lacked the authenticity it claimed to have.

My Bento Box was $10.95, which was slightly more than it was worth, but not completely unreasonable since the serving sizes were large.

In conclusion, Sizzle It was a homey restaurant that gave off a casual and friendly vibe with some unique options and okay  food. If Americanized Asian food is for you, I would recommend Sizzle It. However, with my experience, I would not be going regularly. Overall, I personally don’t believe it is worthwhile to drive all the way to Novi for Sizzle It’s averagely priced dishes.

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‘Sizzle It Asian Bistro’ is More Than Just a Bistro