Ruff Week Relief

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  • DJ gets pet by Megan DeFrancesco and Izzy Fox.

  • Kona the German Shepard and her owner.

  • Senior Makena Torrey and DJ the dog.

  • Freshman pet Dexter the Golden Retreiver.

  • Junior Kayla Bernard pets Kona.

  • Brooklyn and Kona get some love.

  • Freshman Carly Finerty pets Brooklyn the Standard Poodle.

  • Senior Makena Torrey and others pet DJ, whilst he’s sprawled out on the floor.

  • Kona gives kisses.

  • Brooklyn gets a hug.

  • Seniors Ava Getz and Makena Torrey with DJ.

  • Jane Appel, Ava Getz, and Makena Torrey with DJ.

  • Freshman encircle around Dexter on the floor.

  • Kona gets some attention.

  • DJ encircled by admirers.

  • DJ encircled by admirers.

  • Brooklyn and her owner.

  • Kona sits for an audience.

  • Kona peaks out from behind her owner.

  • Dexter relaxing and getting some attention.

  • Kona gets photographed.

  • DJ once again encircled by admirers.

  • DJ.

  • DJ relaxes and gets pet.

  • Brooklyn sits by her owner.

  • Brooklyn sits by her owner.

  • Dexter.

  • Dexter gives kisses.

  • Kona gets attention.

  • Dexter relaxes.

  • Dexter continues to relax.

  • Dexter relaxing part 3.

  • Juniors Lexi Moss and Alyssa Sultani pet Dexter.

  • Brooklyn and her owner look at each other.

  • DJ continues to be encircled by admirers.

  • Dexter paws up.

  • Kona.

  • DJ.

  • Dexter in a constant state of relaxation.

  • Brooklyn getting pet on the floor.

  • Brooklyn getting pet on the floor.

  • Dexter encircled by admirers.

  • Kona gets pet.

  • Dexter.

  • DJ continues to be surrounded.

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To help students destress after finals, Student Leadership offered students the chance to play with dogs at their “Ruff Week Relief”. The event was held on February 13th in the Auxiliary Gym and students each had a 15-minute time slot with a dog.


“The goal of this event is to let students take a break from all of the studying they have been doing to come to play with therapy certified dogs in hopes that it will help them relieve some of their stress for finals week,” said junior class Vice President Kayla Bernard.


This event is sponsored by the volunteer organization called Therapy Dogs International (TDI) which, according to, is “dedicated to regulating, testing and registration of therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers for the purpose of visiting nursing homes, hospitals, other institutions and wherever else therapy dogs are needed.”


“Our grade found an organization called Therapy Dogs International (TDI), which tests dogs to become therapy-certified, and they were willing to work with us,” said junior class President Lexie Finkelstein. “They are known to bring together therapy dogs and their owners to host events for communities across the country.”


According to, playing with therapy animals can decrease stress in humans by increasing levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decreasing the production of the stress hormone cortisol.


“I believe ruff week relief is really special because we are bringing therapy dogs at a time when many students are stressed,” said Junior Secretary Rikki Goldman. “Now is the most important time to relieve anxieties so people can let forget about their stressful finals for a little bit.”