Live Coverage of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Impact on BHHS



June 16: Returning school supplies

  • This was day three where underclassmen got to drop off their textbooks, pay fines, and get their yearbooks (if purchased).


June 15: Returning school supplies

  • This was day two where underclassmen got to drop off their textbooks, pay fines, and get their yearbooks (if purchased).


June 12: School year complete and returning materials

  • Last day of the school year!
  • This was day one where underclassmen got to drop off their textbooks, pay fines, and get their yearbooks (if purchased).


June 9/10/11: Senior graduation

  • Seniors gathered at the school (on their designated date and time based on their last name) to receive their diploma.


June 8: Loosening the restrictions in Michigan

  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer is now allowing restaurants will begin to reopen for dine-in service with limited capacity. Similarly, outdoor fitness classes will be allowed but close-contact services (indoor gyms and hair salons) will remain closed.


June 7: Graduation ceremony

  • Seniors drove into the school parking lot for the graduation ceremony for the class of 2020.


June 3: Senior drive-by parade

  • Seniors decorated their cars and drove through the BHHS parking lot to celebrate their class on graduating.


June 2-5: AP test make-ups and re-takes

  • Students had the opportunity to make-up their AP tests. This was provided for students who could not test on the required day or students who faced technical difficulties.


May 31: Parking passes

  • Last day for rising seniors to purchase a parking pass for next year. The remaining passes will be auctioned off to the rising junior class.


May 26: College 101 virtual presentation

  • Rising seniors had the opportunity to watch a video, put together by the BHHS counselors, on the basics of putting together their college applications.


May 22: Online AP exams completed

  • The last day of AP exams. Students completed their 45 minute exams and will hear back about their scores in mid July.


May 21: Colleges continue to drop ACT/SAT requirement

  • To help with some of the stress felt by students and families across the world, more and more colleges have began to drop the requirement for the SAT subject tests. Harvard is one school that has made this choice.


May 18: Final week of AP exams

  • Students will be completing the rest of their AP exams this week.


May 17: Email updates for AP exams

  • Career Resource Center Coordinator Lou Ann Frantz sent out an email with the updates for the backup email submission process for students taking AP exams. The College Board created this process for the second week of exams to avoid having more students unable to submit their work.
  • Make-ups will be offered in June for those that need it.


May 14: Online forensics state tournament results

  • The online forensics state tournament, called the YETIE tournament, results were released.


May 13: Email update

  • Career Resource Center Coordinator Lou Ann Frantz sent out an email with tips to avoid technical problems while students take their AP exams.


May 11: AP exams begin

  • It was the start of the online AP exams, which will go from May 11-May 22.


May 9: AP exam codes and E-tickets

  • The Advanced Placement Program sent out students’ AP ID’s and codes to log in for those with exams on May 11th.


May 8: End of learning engagements cycle and email updates.

  • Students completed the second two-week cycle of learning engagements.
  • Principal Charlie Hollerith sent out an email with important reminders on senior spring sport celebration, summer school, culminating activity, and the link for submitting course credit decisions.
  • Bloomfield Hills Schools sent out an email with the survey link to reflect on the learning engagements.


May 7: AP email updates

  • The Advanced Placement Program sent out an email with reminders and tips for AP exams.


May 6: Helpful AP exam links

  • Career Resource Center Coordinator Lou Ann Frantz sent out an email with helpful links and reminders to all AP students.


May 4: New NHS officers, AP exam demo, and more AP exam resources.

  • The newly elected NHS officers sent out their first email to their members.
  • The Advanced Placement Program created and released a demo for AP students to prepare for online exams.
  • Career Resource Center Corrdinator sent out an email to AP students with links to more informational videos on the exam.


May 1: College Board email update

  • The College Board sent out an email to AP students with more information and resources for the AP exams.


April 30: BHS email updates and more AP testing resources.

  • Superintendent Pat Watson sent out an email with information on more resources, appreciation for teachers, community input, and next steps.
  • Career Resource Center Coordinator Lou Ann Frantz sent out some helpful resources for AP students.


April 28: AP exams update

  • The Advanced Placement Program sent out an email to all AP students with new resources and explanations for the new AP exam formatting and content.


April 27: Email update

  • Principal Charlie Hollerith sent out an email informing students and families of the credit/no credit policy.


April 24:  Order extended, Learning 2.0, and email update.

  • The Stay Home, Stay Safe order has been extended until May 15 and some restrictions have been lifted.
  • End of the first round of Learning 2.0 and the start of the second round.
  • Principal Charlie Hollerith sent out an email with updates and more information regarding grades and future plans.


April 22: Voting for NHS Officers

  • Juniors and seniors are now able to vote for next year’s NHS Officers. Students are able to vote for three candidates to represent and run NHS for the 2020-2021 school year.


April 21: AP testing updates

  • Career Resource Center Coordinator Lou Ann Frantz sent out an email with AP testing updates.


April 20: 2020-2021 parking spots

  • Secretary to the Associate Principals Laurie Mezey sent out an email to all rising seniors and juniors informing them of their opportunity to purchase a parking pass for the next school year.


April 17: Email updates

  • Principal Charlie Hollerith sent out an email to students and parents informing them of how grades will be determined for the rest of the school year.
  • Superintendent Pat Watson sent out an email to the Bloomfield community discussing the continuous plan for community support and communication.


April 16: Hollerith on the news

  • Principal Charlie Hollerith spoke about the end of the year due to COVID-19.


April 15: June SAT cancelled

  • The College Board sent out an email with updates on the June SAT, which has now officially been cancelled.
  • The College Board also provided information regard future testing opportunities for students.


April 13: Continuous learning plan updates

  • Principal Charlie Hollerith sent out an email updating students and families with expectations as students continue the online learning process.
  • Teachers updated their students with their five learning engagement opportunities that will go on for the next two weeks.


April 11: BHS email announcements

  • BHS released updates for the learning techniques and procedures for the elementary and middle school levels.


April 9: Stay home order lengthened

  • Governor Whitmer extends stay home order through April 30th.
  • Career Resource Center Coordinator Lou Ann Frantz sent out an email to AP students with a letter containing additional information on refunds for AP exams.


April 6: AP exams update and petition for spring sports

  • The College Board announced specific details for AP exams (types of questions and expectations).
  • Petition going around for spring sports to take place in the summer if the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” ban is lifted by then.



  • School Board President Paul Kolin has been posting on his twitter (@PaulPkolin) throwback pictures of spring sports in recognition of the senior athletes.


April 3: AP exam updates and BHS emailed updates

  • The College Board provided more updates for AP exam dates. Make sure to check out the College Board website more information.
  • Superintendent Pat Watson sent out an email explaining the future learning and teaching methods for BHS students.
  • Bloomfield Hills sent out an updated meal plan schedule for the upcoming week.


April 2: Gov. Whitmer’s big announcement

  • Gov. Whitmer announces statewide closure of in-person classes for k-12 schools for the remainder of the school year.


April 1: Colleges eliminating ACT/SAT requirement

  • The list of colleges suspending or choosing to go test-optional on the requirement of the ACT/SAT exams is continuing to grow. Today, the University of California joined this ongoing list.


March 30: Teacher updates

  • Teachers sent out an email with more information and optional/recommended assignments for their students.


March 27: Whitmer’s thoughts on reopening K-12 schools and new updates for BHHS.

  • In an interview with a Detroit radio station Governor Whitmer expressed the unlikeliness of students K-12 returning to school this year.
  • A plan is in development for online learning for the rest of the year.
  • Superintendent Pat Watson, BHEA Phillip Laliberte, and School Board President Paul Kolin sent out an email with future plans for BHHS students.


March 25: Free AP exam review sessions provided and forensics states update.

  • College Board provided AP students with a free online resource for their exams. These resources include live on-demand support videos from teachers across the country. Review classes will take place starting March 25th through May 1st.
  • Students were also made aware that they may cancel their exam registration with no charge.
  • More information on the full exam schedule, specific free-response questions, and additional testing information will be released on April 3rd.
  • Final details for the forensics 2020 online state tournament (YETIE) have been confirmed. The competition will run from May 4-13, 2020.


March 23: New executive order implemented and more updates to AP exams.

  • Governor Whitmer signed the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order.
    • This order forces all businesses and operations to temporarily suspend in-person operations that are not essential for sustaining or protecting life (for at least the next three weeks). This order also prevents Michiganders from leaving their homes (except for certain circumstances).
  • AP students received an email from college board with updates for the AP exam that will now take place online, last a shorter amount of time (45 minutes), cover less material, and have multiple test dates offered.


March 22: Updates for IB exams.

  • Associate Principal/IB Diploma Programme Coordinator Jessica Lupone sent out an email to Bloomfield families that indicated the next steps for IB students regarding their IB exams. Lupone discussed the official announcement that the May 2020 IB exams have been cancelled.
  • More information will be released by IB on March 27, which will answer the general questions among students, teachers, and families.
    • On this date there will likely be more answers to questions regarding test scores and cost. Also, more guidance will be provided for those affected.


March 20: Updates for BHHS and standardized tests (ACT, SAT, AP exams).

  • Bloomfield Hills High School Principal Charlie Hollerith sent out emails with updates for students, teachers, and parents regarding expectations for students, rescheduled events, and future plans.
  • College Board released new information and updates regarding ACT/SAT testing and AP exams. College Board also explained the new format and revised content included within the exams.
  • Official cancellations and postponements reported for the March and May SAT tests.


March 19: More confirmed deaths and stores taking further precautions.

  • The number of coronavirus cases has begun to increase (from 80 to 334).
  • Two more deaths have been reported in Michigan.
  • Meijer and Walmart decided to cut their hours for daily restocking and sanitizing of the stores.


March 18: First death in Michigan confirmed.

  • The first death from Coronavirus was confirmed in Michigan. The confirmed death was a man in his 50s who had underlying health conditions. The man passed away on the morning of March 18 in Wayne Country.


March 17: Meal support, forensics update, and counselors update.

  • Bloomfield Hills High School offers support to students and families struggling to find food. BHHS provided a meal plan during this national emergency. The district sent out an email indicating that all children up to 18 and under 26 for adults with disabilities are eligible to receive meals. BHS also pointed out that a meal can be provided to anyone, even those not associated with the free or reduced meal program and children do not have to be enrolled at BH schools to receive support.
  • It was announced that forensics invitationals, regionals, and states will be canceled. However, the MIFA board is looking to finish and celebrate the season with a final online competition.
  • Bloomfield counselors send out an email showing support to the Bloomfield communities families and students.


March 16: Teacher communication, Superintendent update, AP program update, and Executive Order.

  • Teachers begin communicating with students about plans for digital student learning. They provided learning opportunities for students through google classroom, canvas, moodle, and other digital platforms to allow students to continue their work.
  • BHHS art teachers send out an email to students to give them an opportunity to collect some art supplies and their projects so they may continue to work on them at home.
  • Superintendent Patrick Watson shared a video on twitter encouraging people to stay connected while social distancing themselves from others.
  • The AP Program is developing resources to help schools support student learning during extended closures. They are also looking for a solution that would allow students to test at home, which will depend on what the situation is in May. 
  • Additional information regarding AP tests will be posted by March 20.
  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-9. This order temporarily closes theaters, bars, and casinos, and limits restaurants to carry-out and delivery orders all in hopes of preventing further spreading the virus.


March 15: Standardized testing update.

  • The nationwide April ACT and SAT tests were canceled in order to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. Students were encouraged to transfer their signup to the June and July test dates.


March 14: Communication between teachers and students and Governor ban.

  • Teachers check-in and offer support to students through email.
  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer banned all gatherings of more than 250 people in rooms, halls, cafeterias, auditoriums, theaters or galleries.


March 13: Student personal belonging pickup and DECA conference update.

  • BHHS offers times for student pickup of personal belongings such as medications left behind.
  • DECA cancels International Career Development Conference in order to prevent further spread of the virus.


March 12: Governor order made and Superintendent offers support and information.

  • Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer ordered all K-12 schools to close. The closure began on Monday, March 16 and will go until Sunday, April 5. Schools are scheduled to reopen their doors on Monday, April 6.
  • Whitmer reinforced the idea for people to wash their hands and avoid touching their faces during her press conference.
  • Superintendent Patrick Watson shared an informational youtube video for the BH community.


March 10: First cases in Michigan and Governor Executive Order.

  • There were two positive cases of coronavirus in Michigan found specifically in Oakland and Wayne counties.
  • Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer declares a state of emergency.