How to stay on top of school work

Without a structured schedule, most students have been sleeping in, watching hours of Netflix, and eating their entire pantries. However, even without having to actually commute to a building to learn, students are still responsible for engaging in learning opportunities given by their teachers on various platforms such as Moodle, Google Classroom, and Canvas. Students also are given opportunities from specific classes to speak with the teacher via Zoom or Google Meet.


“I have done my best to stay motivated but it’s very hard when all of my favorite activities are getting cancelled and there are a lot of things being thrown at us,” said sophomore Andrew Zupancic  


With the new 2.0 system, every assignment can be found on one platform: the district website. The administrative staff have chosen to organize our studies through a two week period. Everything you need to know for every class is arranged through categories of subjects with links that lead you to your schedule. In addition, teachers have “office hours” to help students and answer any questions they have while we learn individually. Unlike ever before, each student in a class has the same agenda, regardless of the teacher. Typically, each class has five assignments/learning engagements per two-week period, allowing students to keep the same block schedules we do in school and still enjoy the weekends. So, the big question arises: how to stay motivated and on top of school work?


Sleeping in can be tempting, but making a schedule can be very beneficial to your school work. Every student works differently and it is important that every e student develops a customized routine for each day of the week. Within these schedules, complete chores, exercise, relax, and spend time with family or FaceTiming friends. When everything has a set time frame, it is harder to procrastinate. With a set work schedule, comes a sleep schedule. In order to increase productivity, going to bed and waking up at a reasonable time everyday is crucial. Although staying up until three AM and sleeping in until noon can be tempting, students must resist the urge in order to be as efficient as possible during their day at home.


Distractions can be more powerful than expected when trying to stay on top of online school. During work time, be sure to avoid all distractions. Whether this means keeping your phone in another room, eating before you get started, or playing music to block out all outside noise, this will be very beneficial. Schedule breaks so that your brain stays on track while it is time to be productive.


Having a strong start to the day is also a smart idea while trying to stay motivated during this time. Make your favorite breakfast or work out or start your morning with a walk outside before settling down to get work done. 


“I have been keeping a handwritten schedule and crossing off things when I complete it- it’s satisfying to cross things off so it makes me want to do it. Also I have been FaceTiming my friends and we have been motivating each other. I suggest that everyone goes on at least one walk a day because it gets your blood pumping and makes you happy,” said Junior Sammy Green. 


Now is also a great time to try new things. Pick up a new hobby, or cross something off on your bucket list. There is definitely time available, so pursue an individual passion that you would not have time for otherwise. This is the first and hopefully only time in our lives that we have ever had this much time, so take advantage of it and use it to benefit yourself. 


Take advantage of all the learning opportunities while stuck inside. Answer every Zoom call or Google Hangout, participate in virtual discussions, and complete the activities that you can. Not only is it good for students to continue learning, but after completing work, it feels good to be motivated and to use your time productively.