What are Sports Fans Doing Without Sports?

For the first time ever, our world is without sports. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sports leagues around the world have been cancelled along with pretty much everything else. We are witnessing history as this bleak period in history occurs without the likes of college and professional sports. Seniors in college won’t be able to play in their final seasons and NCAA tournaments, while pros will have to put their dreams of winning championships on hold for the time being. The sports world has seen several professional athletes contract COVID-19, starting with Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert, which then spread to other members of the Jazz, the NBA and other leagues. Notable athletes that tested positive included NBA superstars Kevin Durant and Donnovan Mitchell. 


For the vast community of sports fans, our main source of entertainment is gone. No more late night games and rewatching highlights on Instagram for days. Days feel longer and life is a whole lot more boring. But, sports fans are innovators who will do anything for entertainment. This hole caused by a lack of sports has led to some pretty creative ways to fill the days and get the necessary dosage of sports.


One main way people have been consuming sports is rewatching iconic games and moments of their favorite sports and athletes. Many sports television channels have been replaying different marquee games. For example, there have been reruns of classic March Madness games following the cancellation of perhaps the biggest sports tournament of the year.


Besides watching old sports, fans have looked to hoan their own skills by performing crazy trick shots and chain reaction shots. All over social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram, people are posting their incredible shots attempting to go viral. From impossible golf wedge shots into tiny water bottles to rube goldberg ping pong shots that wrap around the entire house, these shots are nothing short of incredible. As a sports fan, find anything sports related that will fill up your day and make you forget that we might not be watching another minute of professional sports for months.