BHS meal plans during the coronavirus outbreak

In the midst of all that has happened with the coronavirus, there are many different aspects of our lives and society as a whole that we all worry about. Social distancing, shelter in place, and online school are just some of the few changes and worries we all have during this time. 


Bloomfield Hills Schools have maintained their focus on the Bloomfield Hills community to ensure the happiness, health, and safety of everyone in the community. To do so, resources have been provided to all members of Bloomfield Hills and the surrounding areas, such as the new meal plan that has gone into effect.


Announced on March 16th, the new BHS Meal plan began providing meals to families as soon as March 17th. Certain qualifications must be met in order to pick up a meal plan:


  • Meals are for children under 18 (under 26 for those with disabilities)
  • Children do not need to be enrolled in Bloomfield Hills Schools
  • Adults may collect meals for children without the children present
  • Adult meals can be purchased for $4


This meal plan comes due to the fact that many students of all ages rely on purchasing school lunches during the school day. In order to continue to provide meals, BHS established this meal plan and is continuing this every week. As of now, over 11,400 meals have been served to families in the area.


The most recent information about the meal plan (released March 27) states that these meal plans will be available for pickup every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Meal plans can be picked up curbside at Bloomfield Hills High School. These include two breakfast meals and two lunch meals for each child, ensuring two meals a day for the child.


This meal plan program continues to be federally funded, but would not be possible without the incredible work of the meal plan staff hired by the school district and the resources provided by Aramark.


To see more information about the BHS Meal Plan and get the latest updates, visit this link.