Ginny and Georgia: A Glorious Hodgepodge of Insight

5/5 Stars


   Netflix has had its fair share of flops, but Ginny and Georgia is not one of them. Few pieces of film, TV, or any other media have succeeded in capturing the essence of the high school experience as well as Ginny and Georgia has done. The series follows a young mother, Georgia, her daughter, Ginny, and her son, Austin, as they move to the town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts and navigate through all of the ups and downs that follow. There are so many nuances and intricacies that make this show exceptional, which makes it difficult to find a place to start, but we can certainly try. 

   First of all, it tackles more real life problems than any other show I’ve come across. 

Here is a list of just a FEW of the issues that Ginny and Georgia addresses: bullying, drugs, abuse, politics, racism, love, sucicide, self harm, sex, sexuality, co-parenting, virginity, and privilege. And, I am not kidding, the list goes on. 

   Additionally, the show fits into a variety of categories. There is humor, horror, mystery, and political drama – all seamlessly intertwined. The show is versatile and appeals to every possible demographic. It is truly a human story. 

   Moreover, the quality of production is on another level. The acting is genuine and impactful. The camera quality is unique, and the creativity is memorable. The coloring choices have a huge impact on the story, and it all comes together to create a reality that all audiences can identify with. 

   Plus, the show has original songs and poems that independently could be viral works of art. 

Each episode starts and ends with a voiceover of Ginny’s thoughts and perspective, and her insight sets the framework perfectly to let each of the separate storylines unfold. There are always several narratives taking place at any given time and the way they all affect and connect to one another makes the whole show a thrill to follow. 

   I highly recommend watching Ginny and Georgia for viewers of all ages; it is absolutely a show you won’t forget.