Ed Sheeran’s new album: =

The long-awaited Ed Sheeran album has finally arrived.


Four years after the debut of his last album, ÷, British artist Ed Sheeran’s much-anticipated album, =,  has finally been released. 

   Over the course of the last 4 years since the release of his dominantly popular album in 2017, ÷, Ed Sheeran’s musical career isn’t the only part of his life that has continued to progress. Sheeran (30 years old) is now a husband to Cherry Seaborn (29 years old) and father to Lyra Seaborn Sheeran (1-year-old). While =, in addition to his many other albums, was inspired by his childhood and experiences with love, his new roles as a family man have heavily influenced the message of many of the songs within the new album. To be more specific, Sheeran’s most recent songs now include his change in lifestyle and responsibility, as well as how he has adapted to these transitions. This is especially evident through Sheeran’s songs “Sandman”, a lullaby written for his daughter, and “Tides”, an upbeat song that focuses on Sheeran’s thoughts and feelings about his drastic life alterations. The album consists of 14 songs, ranging in beat, feel, and storyline. The = album also contains well-known singles such as “Bad Habits” and “Shivers.” The songs of the = album convince listeners of the truth and strength behind love, family, and happiness. Sheeran has millions listening to and connecting with his new contributions to the music community. Although ÷ is known as Sheeran’s most popular album, = is on its way to equal or even surpass ÷’s popularity. It is safe to say that the highly anticipated album was a major success. = is an exceptionally heart-warming album that I would recommend to anyone who is looking to smile and be impressed by Ed Sheeran’s talents once again!