The good, the bad, and the fruity

What you need to know about antagonizing your baristas with Starbucks TikTok trends


I like to break precedent, so for the past two weeks, I’ve been mixing up my typical Starbucks order (an iced chai latte,) with some of the most annoying, excessively sweet, and sometimes disgusting, Starbucks drinks I see on my “For You” page on TikTok.

   Before you go and order any of these drinks, remember that they’re not on the official Starbucks menu, and oftentimes, they take extra time and effort to make. Make sure you leave your barista an extra-large tip for dealing with your obnoxious order!

   The Mango Dragonfruit Frappuccino, invented by @brushworksbydima on TikTok, is a sweet, new take on Starbucks’ typical frappuccino flavors. Here’s what you need to order: one Mango Dragonfruit Refresher with no water, blended with strawberry puree. You can also request to add whipped cream on top for a more traditional frappuccino appearance.

   As an avid Mango Dragonfruit Refresher enjoyer, I expected a more airy, strawberry flavored, milkshake-like version of one of my favorite drinks. However, upon first sip, I discovered that the Mango Dragonfruit Frappuccino is basically just a Mango Dragonfruit Refresher with the same consistency as a frappuccino. I would give it a two out of five stars, purely for lack of divergence from the norm. Was I disappointed by this drink? Not particularly. Do I see myself ordering this again? Absolutely not.

   If you’re at all updated with TikTok’s biggest trends, you’ve probably heard of the Iced Caramel Mocha. This drink was invented by @kortneyandkarlee. To order this drink, you’ll need to ask for an iced white mocha with sweet cream and extra caramel drizzle. 

   I’ve never been a fan of extra sweet drinks, but this drink rose far above my considerably low expectations. Many of the most popular Starbucks drinks on TikTok are caffeine-free or are so sugary that the sweetness completely masks the flavor of espresso. This drink, on the other hand, retained the typical flavor of a latte while still giving a burst of caramel flavor, and the sweet cream added an excellent texture to the drink. The only thing I didn’t like was that, as I was drinking, some of the caramel drifted down and condensed at the bottom of the drink. Overall, I would give this drink a four out of five stars and would recommend it for anyone looking for a new regular order.

   If you have even more of a sweet tooth, you might want to consider trying the Cookies and Cream Frappuccino, invented by @strabiefanta on Tiktok. Here’s what you should order: a double chocolate chip Frappuccino with five pumps of white mocha instead of regular mocha with whipped cream and cookie topping on top.

   I honestly thought this was going to be a bit gross when I ordered it. White mocha with chocolate chips doesn’t sound like a good taste combo, but I was delightfully surprised when I took my first sip. The white mocha creates a silky vanilla flavor, and the chocolate chip flavor only enhances the texture of the frappuccino. It tastes almost exactly like cookies and cream. My one criticism of the drink is that its taste and texture is a bit too similar to a milkshake, so I might not jump to ordering a venti. However, I tend to feel this way about most frappuccinos, and this was definitely the best frappuccino I’ve ever tasted. Overall, I would give it a five out of five stars.

   Although many TikTok Starbucks drinks are as sweet and flavorful as the Cookies and Cream Frappuccino, there are a few that pair unlikely taste combinations that should absolutely never be mixed into the same drink. Honestly, I didn’t want to waste my money on a drink that was going to ruin Starbucks for me, especially because these drinks can get more expensive as you keep adding on toppings. If you have the courage to spend seven minutes trying to explain your order to a barista and the funds to order a $7.00 drink, I would highly recommend you try out any of these drinks or do your own adventuring on TikTok!