Spring Break essentials

A list of things you need (or don’t) for this year’s break


Charlotte Rockwell

Spring break essentials

Spring break is coming up! Anyone going anywhere interesting? 

Are you at a loss of what to pack on your travels? I’m here to help! 

This is my list of things you didn’t know you needed on spring break. 

My first suggestion is to make a list. I find lists incredibly helpful. And to keep all of your stuff organized, this traveler recommends a packing cube! Here are a 


A disposable camera

Capture memories. Remember your trip. 


A book 

Reading a book on the beach may be cliché, but reading a book next to a fire is always relaxing! Ooh! Especially if it is a love story! 


Playing cards 

Want to play some go fish? Or solitaire? I always find use for playing cards, especially when I am with my family. Playing cards is also just a good cure for boredom or no internet. 


A notebook 

On your vacation, what if you have an artistic vision? Or do you need to write a love letter? Then a notebook would be useful to have. 


A raincoat 

You never know what may happen with Mother Nature, so a raincoat or umbrella is always a safe bet. Unless you like dancing in the rain. 


A water bottle 

No matter where you are, what you are doing, it is important to stay hydrated. 


Cheap sunglasses 

Sunglasses are something to just have with you no matter where you go, but you don’t want to bring fancy sunglasses or your favorite sunglasses because you might lose them. 


A hat 

Whether it is to spice up your outfit or keep your face from burning, a hat of any kind is a good thing to bring on your trip. 


Water purification 

You always want to research where you are going and if you think the water isn’t trust-worthy, it is always good to take precautions. 


An extra sweatshirt 

No matter if you are going somewhere warm or cold, a sweatshirt or extra sweatshirt is always something to throw in your suitcase. 


Baby powder 

Baby powder is an universal item that you could find use for on spring break. The first use is that baby powder can help with chafing. Second, baby powder is also absorbent and can help with grease or oil stains. 


These are just a few suggestions! I hope that you find any of these useful! From a fellow traveler to another! Happy traveling!